Bishop of Jordan tells US to abandon Israel

A leading Christian religious leader has accused the US of interfering in the Middle East to protect Israel.

Bishop Lahhamof Jordan(center) is spreading the same lies as the Nazis in regards to the Jews.

The accusations is presented by Auxiliary Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan Maroon Lahham. He claims the US is turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Jordan Times at his residence in Amman, Auxiliary Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar in Jordan Maroon Lahham voiced support for youth-led Arab revolutions against dictatorship, including Syria, but warned against external parties’ involvement in the northern neighbour.

The Bishop wants the World to abandon Israel.

Lahham, who was appointed to his post by Pope Benedict XVI in February, warned against Christian emigration from the region, while asserting that the Christian-Muslim relationship in Jordan is exemplary in terms of peaceful coexistence and cooperation.

Bishop Lahham, a PhD holder in pastoral theology and catechesis, has lived in Palestine for 24 years as rector of the Latin seminary. He accused the US of involvement in the region for one purpose: to ensure Israel’s security.

“Why is it that all worldwide problems are solved except the Palestinian issue?” the Bishop asked.

He emphasised that peace in the region is strongly tied to, and relying on the Palestinian cause, which has for decades seen

“the strong control the weak” and the Palestinians humiliated at the hands of the Israelis.

“The only solution is time, when American politicians realise that America’s interest is not with Israel but with the Arabs.”

“Till now Israel controls US politics.”

The Catholic Church leader said that what is happening in Syria is part of the revolutions against dictators, but particularly in the case of Syria, there are attempts by external powers to interfere to serve their own agendas.

Lahham was also the bishop and later the archbishop of Tunis from 2005 till 2010.

In Jordan, Muslims and Christians have lived in peace for years as neighbours. Jordan without Christians is not the same place as the case is when it is without Muslims.”

So his message to the Kingdom’s Christians: “God created you Jordanian Christians; stay and be responsible towards your country.”

Bishop Lahham said that Jordanian Christians resemble a bridge between the East and the West since religion is a common element, “and as a man of God, my words are free of self-interest.

“If you want to know about true Islam, ask Christians who have lived [in Jordan] in peace with their Muslim neighbours for centuries,” said the Bishop.

Source: Jordan

My comment:

Catholics and Muslims both claims to be the “people of god”. This is why they live in perfect harmony inside the Kingdom of Jordan.

Catholics and Muslims have agreed that God is finished with the Jews.  The best a Jew can do, is to accept to live in submission under their authority.

This is the basic doctrine of replacement theology. The state of Israel is a thorn in the eye of their “god”.

This evil ideology has its origin in the bottomless pit. It is based on the believe that God has changed his mind. He is no longer God of Israel, and the eternal promises He gave to the Jews can not be trusted.

Let all men be liars, but God be trusted.

The Nazis were the ultimate teachers of replacement theology. They blamed the Jews for being behind all kinds of evil, also controlling the Europeans and the US economy. In this context, this Vatican approved Bishops walks in the footsteps of the Catholic bishops in Germany who hailed Hitler.

Nothing seems to be new under the sun. This story from Amman is a brilliant examples. The sons of the devil and the priesthood of Satan is working in perfect unity.

Written by Ivar

10 thoughts on “Bishop of Jordan tells US to abandon Israel

  1. This “bishop” is about as Christian as the dalai lama.

    It’s dead religion, but the world loves to identify it as “Christian”.

  2. The catholic bishop has lost his mind. If we as christian dont stand with Israel, we are lost people. We as born again christians need to stand for the jews, because of the jews Jesus came and thus we are saved. You priest need to read the bible more and talk less.

  3. The funny thing is the Vatican controls America and is behind the Israeli government. Israeli President Shimon Peres is a Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George who answers to the Queen of England who answers to the Pope and you can see this by the fact that she always dresses in black when meeting the Pope and he always dresses in white to show that he is spiritually superior to her. It’s all a Vatican set up so I don’t buy the statement by the Popes man, there is another agenda much more sinister at play than is being brought to light by this blog.

    1. What you say is to a great extent correct, and is the cause of a lot of the inconsistency it Israeli politics. I am obviously not the only one frustrated by the way many high ranking Israelis seem to be working against the original Zionist dream.

    2. The funny thing is the Vatican controls America….it is not the only part of the (World) Church of many denominations that controls America and the Penal Systems…..

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