PLO: “The Jews left freely from Arab countries”

Jews who came to Israel from Arab countries are not refugees, because they left their homes voluntarily and under pressure from Zionist groups and the Jewish Agency.

Hanan Ashrawi present a Fascist falsification of the modern history of the Middle East.

These are the words of Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the PLO Executive Committee. She said this over the weekend.

In an article published in a number of Arab media outlets, Ashrawi, who is also a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said the “claim that Jews who migrated to Israel, which is supposed to be their homeland, are ‘refugees’ who were uprooted from their homelands… is a form of deception and delusion.”

The PLO continued the legacy of Nazi-Germany. Yasser Arafat with his loyal female leader.

She explained:

“If Israel is their homeland, then they are not ‘refugees;’ they are emigrants who returned either voluntarily or due to a political decision.”

Ashrawi’s comments came in response to Israeli efforts to hold a summit on the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries next month.

The Foreign Ministry – together with the World Jewish Congress and the Senior Citizens Ministry (formerly the Pensioners Affairs Ministry) – is stepping up its campaign to bring the issue of Jewish refugees to public and diplomatic attention.

The Foreign Ministry says more than 850,000 Jews from Arab countries fled their homes following persecution that ensued after the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

There are quite few Christian scholars who are still willing to tell the truth.

The PLO headquarter of Ramallah spread the ideology who were invented by propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Gobbles main tool, was a revised version of World History. The root of all evil is the Jewish people.  When the Germans accepted this as a basic truth, the gates of Hell were opened for all who believed in this falsehood.

To claim that the Jews left for Israel of their own free will, is to delete the Holocaust.   It is better to say that the surviving Jews were left with no other option. Their properties were stolen, and they lived in refugee camps in Poland, Germany and France.

Likewise in the Arab World. After 1945, Jews in Northern Africa lost their citizenship in the colonies, controlled by France. They are second hand citizens.  These laws and regulations against Jews were similar to the Nurenberg laws enforced by the Nazis in 1945.

When the state of Israel was re-birthed in 1948, the Arab nations revved the Jews right to own properties. By law they had become tenants.  The Arabs justified such laws, based on the claim that the Jews had stolen Arab land in “Palestine”.

Where were the Jews supposed to go?

Like in Nazi-Germany, the Jews had been robbed from their citizenship, and they has lost their legal right to own a house.

The only valid and rational solutions was to back whatever they could carry in a suitcase, and immigrate to the state of Israel.

In states like Libya, the Jews mere massacred as they run for the exit.

The International community who support the PLO, would mot likely have supported Nazi-Germany. The same kind of lies as Gobbles invented, are today presented as the truth in the USA, the EU and the United Nations.

No so strange. The Bible says that as we approach the end, the frontline will be at the borders of Israel. It will the pack of paganized or religious wolfs against the Jewish nation.

The Jewish nation will eventually succumb to the pressure, and permit the last and final antichrist to rule in Jerusalem.

But not with your blessings, I presume?

Jesus the Messiah is the rock of Israel, and the eternal Lord over the house of Jacob.  He is their protection and God, also those of the Jews who are not willing to recognize nor accept His Lordship.

Stand with Israel in her time of trouble.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “PLO: “The Jews left freely from Arab countries”

  1. Interesting how many ‘Re-write History’ to suit their own image, it also justifies what really happened, in their own mind for the truth of the past is far less interesting than the present that has all kinds of ‘agencies to help one to recover from one ‘ism to another ism’ since the don’t give out dope as readily as they use to, to children now they pass out the ‘get help in a support group of your choice that has all the ‘drugs’ to help you thru what ever’…Up to and including ‘the past life and the future life, how the Bible was written by men not God thus changed also (who are these supposed to be ‘Chopped Liver Experts with a suit and tie’???? or are they calling all men liars (smile) which falls inline with the rhetoric put out by the experts of Islam (smile) on Jewish History. Why would they tell the world and their children they blew it big time!! It would be too easy to raise their children with love and compassion for their fellow man if they believed God’s History of Israel and Islam….they do have an out though….it’s Repent and Believe The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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