Israel: No apology to Turkey for defending borders

Senior official says Israel won’t adhere to Turkish ultimatum despite implications‬‬.

Islamic terrorists threw an Israeli soldier off the ship. The soldier was armed with a useless paint ball gun.

Israel has no intention of apologizing to Turkey over the 2010 flotilla raid despite Ankara’s latest ultimatum, a senior official told Ynet Thursday.

While Israel is aware of the implications of its decision to refrain from issuing an apology, “we cannot conduct ourselves based on ultimatums,” the official said.

“The severing of ties goes against Turkey’s strategic interests,” he said. “They wish to engage in a policy of mediating between everyone.”


My comment:

We all should apology for sinning against a Holy God. Turkey for equipping and supporting a ship of Islamic terrorists from its harbors, and Israel because it commandos had to take life’s.

But shall Israel apologize for defending its borders?

Of course not. A hostile ship from Turkey had no business challenging the sovereign Israeli naval control of the sea waters around the Jewish state.

If hostile ships enters into Turkish waters, I am sure the Turkish navy will enforce their right to du security checks and conduct customs.

When is a navy using not appropriate force?

While the US and NATO is permitted to use what ever force they feel necessary, there is a different law for Israelis.

When a man with a knife wants to kill a Jew, the Jew will only be permitted to use a knife. The logic must be that the attacker must get a fair chance to kill the Jew.

This is the rule of the jungle, or at best what Jews had to face inside pagan Colosseum in Rome.

Washington is now putting pressure on Israel, and give secret threats of using the International war tribunal in the Hague in the “Israel-Palestine conflict”. But for the US there is no judge, who can get their war criminals arrested.

The US do not even submit to the International war tribunal in the Hague, but keep on arresting and sending people to this court.

Its a disgrace, and another example of the hypocrisy and double standards of Washington.

First published: September 3rd 2011.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Israel: No apology to Turkey for defending borders

  1. Stop talking nouncense from your potty mouth.Islamic terrorist my foot,Basically you started killing without the warnings and any warnings on peace flotilla,s the Turkish ship.Straight away every one knows that hey were carrying foods and medicines for the Palestinians.Even your top leaders like shamon perez Apologise for the victims who died in flotilla.The Turkish were not carrying ammunitions and any guns which they already got it for their own safety,but not to provide any ammunition to Palestine.Criminals like you always opposed others just to justified your own crimes,Its all the drama which you people created by your self is that no one want to know about any crimes which you make and no one want to know weather israel did the first or Turkish did the first.yours hypocrisy already show that every one putting a fingers on you,not on turkey.It was you who started terrorism in the you got my point,Correct your self first and start looking in your own collors rather then looking into others collors,understand.

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