Islamic fascism enforced on Egyptian-TV

Anchor dons hijab for first time on Egypt state TV.

The new regime in Cairo has enforced Sharia laws on Egyptian-TV.

An anchorwoman wearing a hijab head covering appeared on Egyptian state television for the first time in its 50-year existence on Sunday, sparking fears the move represents a further shift towards Islamism under the newly-empowered Muslim Brotherhood.

Under deposed president Hosni Mubarak, women wearing Islamic head coverings were only permitted to work behind the camera; however, in January, an Egyptian court overturned the prohibition.

Source: The Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Nazis came to power in Germany by a popular uprising. That the Nazis got 37 per cent of the vote, was not a legitimate reason to accept the Nazi ideology.

That the Muslim Brotherhood has won the election in Egypt is used by Washington and London, to give the new regime in Cairo its support.

The enforcement of Sharia laws in Egypt will manifest it self in many ways. One of them is the “sudden” wearing of Hijab by Egyptian journalists who are on the payroll of the the Government.

Surprise, surprise, for all who have been disconnected from the truth, and are not willing to attack the whistle blowers.
Are you one of them?

Islam has twice almost concurred Europe. Both Spain and Portugal came under Islamic occupations for 400 years. Just before the Reformation in Europe, the Islamic forces from Ottoman Turkey stood at the gates of Wien.

Are you one of those who do not object to the same mistakes being repeated in our days?

The truth is that a submission and acceptance of the violent and evil ideology of Islam, is a similar accept of the Nazi ideology on Europe in the 1920 and 1930-ties.

The cancer was permitted top grow to a size, where tens of millions of people was slaughtered, is the bid to escapee the total degeneration of the whole western civilization.

Keep in mind that the evils of the last days, shall surpass all the evils of the pasted. And you, might be on of the lukewarm souls walking around among the walking dead.

Stand up for the truth. Do not give the devil and his children an inch.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Islamic fascism enforced on Egyptian-TV

  1. The national socialist germans made a fatal and arrogant mistake when they acted on their assertion that they were the master race (arayans) and could therefore justifiably exterminate the Jews. Their actions were informed by replacement theology, in fact was a logical outcome of its vile anti semitic influence in european church religion for many centuries. The rcc religion will always run true to form and will use bloody violence to get its way-total centralised authoritarian socio-economic political control of the population and a stranglehold over the true church (body of Yeshua). The rcc system and the radical islam system are bedfellows in this respect.

  2. ……Keep in mind that the evils of the last days, shall surpass all the evils of the pasted….Amazing FACT few even let enter in any conversation of the Christian groups all that is ‘for ‘those people’ over there’….God help ’em and help us all…

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