Cardinal Dolan to lead Republican’s into prayer

The Cardinal offered to lead prayer at Democratic convention, too.

Cardinal Dolan is a papist, who will bring down curses on all who accept his corruption and wickedness.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who will offer a closing benediction at the Republican Party’s national convention next week, offered to lead prayers for the Democratic convention as well. His offer was ignored.

A spokesman for the New York archdiocese revealed that Cardinal Dolan, the president of the US bishops’ conference, informed Democratic convention organizers that he would be pleased to deliver an invocation at their event, which will be held in September. Party leaders did not respond to the cardinal’s message.

Source: Catholic culture

Lets take a look at how close the Romney-Roman Catholic “friendship” has become:

Peter G. Flaherty:
– Mitt Romney has close ties with Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley of Boston and traveled to Rome for the ceremony at which the prelate was made a cardinal. 

Flaherty is a Senior adviser to the Romney campaign who is Catholic and who served as Mr. Romney’s liaison to the religious community when he was governor of Massachusetts.

Source: New York Times

Mitt Romney has close ties with Cardinal O’Malley (left) of Boston.

My comment:

The US election is getting hotter. And the Pope wants to sit on both side of the table. Whoever win, a Papist will be only a few heartbeat away from the Post as Commander in Chief in the White House.

Since the candidates for Presidents live in a Post-Christian society, to win the Christian vote is no longer enough to win the election.

Both Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney needs to win the majority of the Roman Catholic voters too. And the they need the support of the US Muslims, and not to forget the Jews in New York.

The black vote bank might be the tipping point, and not able to entice the Latino’s might be a fatal mistake. Most of the Latino’s are committed Catholics.

If we all had accepted the Papacy and entered into the universal and global brotherhood, it would have become much more easier to achieve “global peace”.  If we all had stood united, it wold also have been mush easier to run an US Election campaign.

 Matthew 15:14
Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

So since most of the groups mentioned can accept the Papacy, it seems to be safe to let a Cardinal lead the hopeful Republicans into prayer.

Is there anyone willing to stand for the truth, ad who feel the needs to ask Jesus for his blessings ?

Is there anyone who understand that a Roman Catholic cardinal can only call down curses on the Republican party?

That the Mormon-Catholic nexus has taken over the Republican party is fist and foremost a tragedy for all who believe that there is a political solution for the USA.

The solution is acceptance of he Lordship of Jesus. You need to go and tell the gospel to your neighbor, and to the end of the World. Nothing else will do.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Dolan to lead Republican’s into prayer

  1. Indeed, if proof were needed that democracy cannot provide the answers the world needs, here it is.

    Ivar says this is a ‘tragedy for all who believe there is a political solution for the USA’.

    If we are honest, before our eyes were opened to the truth, we all thought our nations could find political solutions to the problems they face. We all once believed that democracy was the solution.

    Not at all.

    Once those who believe lies hold office, they spread lies as well.

    They all have the same father.

    The question is, how many have held office before these?

    How many of the worlds leaders today, genuinely fear the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?

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