Papist calls the Church of England to close down

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor has said that disestablishment would benefit the Church of England.

Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor wants the Church of England to return and accept the papacy.

The Emeritus Archbishop of Westminster, who turns 80 today, made the comment in a frank and wide-ranging interview with The Catholic Herald.

The cardinal said: “People often ask me: ‘Do you think the Church of England should be disestablished?’ I say: ‘I think it will be. But it’s not for us to ask for it.’ They must decide when they think it’s better, for the sake of the Gospel, to be disestablished.”

The cardinal hope to bring one of the  harlot daughters home to her mother.

Asked if he supported disestablishment, he said:

“I think it will happen and I think it might be of benefit to Anglicans if it did at some point.

They obviously think that at the moment it’s an advantage to them, and I respect that. But I think it will change with time.”

Source: Catholic Herald

My comment:

I am not a member of the church of England, and the Anglicans can speak for them selves.

It is funny that this statement of Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor can be implied to Rome too. I feel that the Roman Catholic Church should be disestablished.

The Roman Catholic Church stand for a systematic and carefully made falsification of the truth. Most of the Bishop and Cardinals are aware of the errors, but are not capable of breaking free and stand for the truth.

So definitely it would be better for the sake of the Gospel, for the Catholics to see their “Church” disestablished.

The problem is that such a close down will not be biblical. Since the Pope is a man of lawlessness, the secret powers of lawlessness will not be dealt a final blow before the return of Jesus.

 2 Thessalonians 2:7
For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.

First when the Messiah returns the Vatican statehood established by Fascist leader Benito Mussolini in 1929 will be destroyed and thrown into the fire. Amen.

 2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Papist calls the Church of England to close down

  1. For just one priest to walk away from the established Catholic Church would be wonderful…for in that act they would be turning to The Word of God and not away from it….we all at one time had to turn away from what we believed and was taught ..and turn to Jesus Christ….I do pray that not just one priest but many would denounce these lies openly and run to Jesus for their Salvation! I think they would have an affect on many if they did that…

  2. Trouble with the C of E is that in one respect you can find the best of Biblical Christianity in England and at the other end you find the worst, sadly more so the worst as the Bible believers are indeed deserting the Icabod church. Its basically a middle class social group ran by druids, athiests, athiests, homosexuals and religious people that is drifting back to Rome where it will blend in with the accepted world religion. You will know them by their fruits, what fruit int he case of the C of E ?

  3. Some one should tell the pope to hit the road. Covering up child abuse..that’s sick.they do evil as they please and cover it up Jesus knows all..he will judge.all there lies will be know.

  4. Ivar is correct in his identification of this harlot daughter.

    If the Lord Jesus has written the law on your heart it becomes easier to identify the daughters because they all share a likeness with their mother.

    The C of E will testify ‘Sola Scriptura’ (scripture alone), then turn to the book of common prayer in the blink of an eye.

    Matthew 15
    9 But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

    Mark 7
    7 Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

    Next time your pastor speaks, listen closely and test everything against what the Bible says, you may be shocked by what you hear.

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