The major US newspaper permits this pro-Islam advertisement to be published.

Civilized man permits freedom. A culture based on savage slaughter even their own brethren.

It is good, and rather surprising in today’s climate, to see the San Francisco Examiner come out for Pamela Geller’s free speech rights and say that her pro-Israel ads should be allowed to run.

Take, for example, Ahlam Tamimi, who helped murder 16 Israelis in a pizzeria. She recently appeared on al-Aqsa TV and recounted the joy of the “Palestinians” as radio reports on the jihad attack increased the number of dead:

“Two minutes later, they said on the radio that the number had increased to five. I wanted to hide my smile, but I just couldn’t. Allah be praised, it was great. As the number of dead kept increasing, the passengers were applauding.”

Is it savage to take pleasure in the mass murder of innocent civilians? Yes, it is. And it is not actually “hateful,” or “bigoted,” or “offensive” or “repulsive” to say so. Glorying in the murders of innocent human beings is hateful, offensive, and repulsive, and stems in this case from Islamic bigotry and Jew-hatred. But the Examiner wouldn’t dream of upsetting liberal pieties by noting that.

Source: Jihad Watch

My comments:

God of the Bible loves Muslims. Jesus the Messiah died for the Muslims too.

But God of the Bible hates Islam. Because the Koran is full of lies, not a divine revelation from Heaven.

If Nazism was “savage”, so is Islamic Jihad. The ideology is one and the same in regards to God-mocking and Jew-hate, and their sources are both firmly located in the bottomless pit.

If we are not free to say so in Europe and America, the minority Muslim community has effectively misled our leaders to submit to Sharia laws.


All people deserve to be sent to hell, all, without failure.

But so much God love the World, that he sent His only begotten Son, so that all who believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

This is the truth. It is you choice to reject this message, with the most horrible consequences.

Written by Ivar