Times is up as Israel gets ready for war

Gantz: Those who try to harm Israel will face IDF’s wrath.

IDF supreme commander Benny Gantz has most likely already got the inner cabinets approval to strike Iran at the perfect moment.

IDF chief responds to spate of statements form Iranian officials calling for Israel’s destruction, saying army will use “deadly force” to protect its borders and citizens;

In what appeared to be a response to recent Iranian rhetoric directed against Israel, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz said Wednesday that “whoever thinks he can eliminate Israel and try to harm our state will discover the deadly force of the IDF.”

Speaking at a Golani Brigade rally, Gantz stated that “in recent days we have heard direct threats against Israel’s security and the safety of its citizens. These threats display an erroneous estimation of our forces and our abilities.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The IDF is getting ready for war.

We have to look back to 1939 to understand what kind of foolishness the World leaders have participated in.

Like in the days of the Nazis, pure evil is being supplied, supported and excused by the Western leaders.

The nuclear capabilities of Iran has been built up by nations like Russia and France. Now Israel face no other option, than to battle it out for the very survival of the Jewish state.

The Jewish generals have all been swearing an oat of unbreakable loyalty. They swear on Masada, that the historical mistakes of the past shall not be repeated.

Jerusalem has for many years now, sent the World this message: “If the World is ready to betray the Jewish people all over again, the Western Civilization will face the same final Holocaust as the Jews”.

 Ecclesiastes 3:8
a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

Benjanin Netanyahu and his inner cabinet have most likely already given Benny Gantz the order. – General. Do your duty, as we have promised our forefathers.

Israel might very soon cripple the war machine of the Islamic Fascists who run the business in Tehran.

Israel will most likely use a brief war to cripple the Hizb”allah, Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood too. For the last two years, the IDF has been drilled to fight an all out war with multiple frontiers.

The US and NATO have made waist of two trillion US dollars in failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This expensive smokescreen has given Iran time and space to develop a nuclear bomb.

There have never in the modern history of mankind been a worse mismanagement of the affairs in the World, than during that past two decades. Billions of people are now suffering on this Planet, while a small elite on top keep on watching lies and trash on the TV.


God of Israel is the only God. He knows better than any army, how to win a war.

He will prove Him self again, as the Supreme commander of the Universe. God of Israel is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all the deceived souls, who have called curses down on their own head by their betrayal of Israel.

Written by Ivar

14 thoughts on “Times is up as Israel gets ready for war

  1. When Hitler, Nazi Germany, the Roman Catholic Church and the Grand Mufti of Islam joined in hatred together to destroy YWHW’s people, there was no Nation of Israel. Therefore no standing defense force, today we have the IDF, who outside of Israel really knows who they are? Who knows and understands the capabilities? Is the world so much in denial about the Nation of Israel and the Israelites being the apple of YWHW’s eye that they once again will dare to bring about the destruction of HIS People? Satan has truly blinded the entire world and modern christianity, world leaders and fence-sitters into believing that his strategy of uniting the world against Israel will be the end of them….sorry….

    If you are a back-slidden christian you like me should be reading Joel chapter 2 verses 12-14. Should you still be in the grips of a sin filled life, totally at odds with God, repent, turn away from your sin, accept by faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins, rose from the dead, has forgiven your sins and iniquities, and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, He Alone is God and you shall be saved, set free from sin.

    If you desire further communication…..(Edited). External links not permitted. Editor.

    God Bless you richly with peace and love for Him.

  2. Amen well said.. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!! And we will certanely always support and pray for the peace of Israel!! Our Holy God will protect his chosen people!!

      1. Andrea
        Greetings and peace.
        Pray that we don’t see the armies encompassing Jerusalem.
        for then its desolation is nigh.That verse says that when we see the armies surrounding Jerusalem, its over for Jerusalem. Jesus said that to his generation. It did happen to them. Does that mean its going to happen again to this generation of Israelis.

      2. You said…”Jesus said that to his generation. It did happen to them.”

        What do you mean?? Are you implying that ‘there are things in the Bible that does not apply to us? If that is so Todd, then we must Rip out 98% of The Word of God…which is what ‘many already have done… Not long ago Joyce Meyers even ‘wrote’ her version of The Bible…instead of ‘knew him, she said ‘he had intercourse with, he fornicated etc…and many more areas’ whether it means the same or not, God’s Word does not need to be re-written everytime some Tom, Dick or Harry or Peach Blossom gets in the lime-light and thinks they can do better than The Holy Spirit!

        2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

        2Timothy 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

      3. Andrea
        In terms of the prophecy that Jesus spoke to his generation I
        believe with confidence that it is in reference to 70 a.d. The armies did encompass Jerusalem and it did become desolate.
        Now, one can apply that verse to Jerusalem today and the end outcome may or may not be the same. That quote from Jesus was a foretelling to his generation that they would see the armies encompassing the city of Jerusalem. He was warning his
        people. Now, If My city was encompassed by enemy armies, with their intent being to desolate it I would be doing all I can to flee it. In that sense the word of God is alive and relevant and practical today. So in you quoting Luke’s account Of what Jesus said to his generation it ought to be a warning to any Israeli who might be reading your comment to know that if they see armies surrounding Jerusalem, they need to flee cause its about to be desolated. The audience that Jesus was speaking to were his people of his generation. He was warning them of the things that were coming soon. As to Joyce Myers and her version, I wouldn’t read it if you paid me too. I agree with you that their are to many versions and to many books. To many book studies and not enough Bible studies. All these authors of these books are getting rich from them. Paul said he did not peddle the gospel for a profit as some were doing. This is the reason why the “church” is so naive and dumb. It has been dumbed down.

    1. Amen Jamie
      The living Lord God of Abraham Isack and Jackob is supreme God of the universe He is our God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

  3. Jews are elder brothers of Christians.

    Nuclear weapons are for the day of the war, only the Lord of Israel wins.

    The Messiah of Israel, Jesus, will fight for His people.

  4. Jews are elder brothers of Christians.

    Nuclear weapons are for the day of the war, only the Lord of Israel wins.

    The Messiah of Israel, Jesus, will fight for His people.

    The Lord will judge the whole world very very soon.

    (link removed. editor).

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