The most difficult days in Jerusalem

Dozens of people demonstrated outside Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s home, demanding “no war with Iran”.

Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu has chosen to take the threat from Iran at face value.

The Defense Minsters house is coated in central Tel Aviv. The protests have become a routine of the past couple of weeks. The protesters carried signs which read “No to a war with Iran” and “Commission of inquiry before, not after.”

They also set up a tent which they labeled as a “protest tent against the strike in Iran.”

“Bibi and Barak’s spin could easily drag us into a war,” Rotem Melenky, one of the protesters said. “The tent is meant to wake people up. I think the war perpetuates the current relationship between the government and the business tycoons.”

Director Rani Blair, one of the leaders of the protest, described Barak as a “lunatic.” “We’ll sit here until he realizes that the home front isn’t ready,” he said.


My comment:

Any sensible Jew must ask him self:

What kind of historical parallel fits best into the present threat facing the Jewish people?

It is not sufficient to be like an ostrich, put the head in the sand and pretend the problem with Iran is going to disappear without a battle.

I can agree, that Israel might not be fully prepared for a nuclear attack from a nuclear capable Tehran. But if that is the case, the Jewish people must demand that their leaders get the nation ready for the task.

For the people of Hiroshima, it was impossible to prepare for the nuclear attack on August 6th 1945.

The Americans had been able to keep their nuclear capability, a top military secret. Iran do not have this advantage.

All Intelligence agencies have alarmed the global leaders, that Iran is about the breach the nuclear threshold. The Islamic terror state has already developed the missile capability, to send a nuclear bomb to the beaches of Tel Aviv.

During a duel of the Wild Wild West, the guy who blinked first were shoot dead. Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu most strike first, to avoid the final Holocaust to take place in out time.

The Prime Minister of Israel has in public promised that Iran will not be capable of going nuclear on his watch. I believe this to be a trustworthy promise.

Please support Israel. God of Israel will not fail to curse those who harm what the Messiah re-birthed in 1948.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “The most difficult days in Jerusalem

  1. I don’t know that much about what is going on with Israel and Iran other than what The Word of God says, what I do know is all this talk about War and there’s so much quietness with the USA in this I see a Fox in the hen-house!

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