Netanyahu: Remove the Egyptian tanks from Sinai

Israeli Prime Minister benjamin Netanyahu is demanding that Cairo removes tanks from the Sinai immediately.

Benjamin Netanyahu must not give the Fascists who rule in Egypt an inch.

After Egypt introduced tanks into northern Sinai as part of its campaign against Islamic terrorists there, the Israeli prime minister’s office sent a sharp message to Cairo, via the White House, requesting that Egypt withdraw its tanks immediately.

Israel further requested that Egypt cease sending additional military forces into Sinai without prior coordination with Israel, viewing this as a serious violation of the peace treaty between the two countries.

The involvement of the Americans became necessary after the close coordination between the defense establishments of the two countries was damaged by recent events in Egypt.

Israel is concerned that the Egyptians will take advantage of the current situation to increase their armored forces in Sinai for an unlimited period, and thereby bring about a serious change in the terms of the peace treaty.

Source: Maariv, Hebrew

My comment:

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have been able to smell the rat.

Two weeks ago, there was a so-called “Islamic suicide attackers” on Israel. But basically 16 Egyptian security guards were killed, and not even a single Israeli wounded.

The fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood were in need for an excuse to remove the secular military leadership in Egypt, and replace them with proper Islamic generals.

The attack on Israel was plotted to gain political momentum in Egypt, behind a public demand to re-militarize the Sinai.

Since Israel also was the “target” for this mission, Egypt hoped that Jerusalem would buy the official story.

Netanyahu knows the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. If Egypt do not immediately removes the tanks from the Sinai, Israel must remove them.

There is no need to excuse the Muslim Brotherhood. It would be like the excuses of Nazi Germany, rebuilding the German forces to yet another World War.

 Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

Please stand up for Israel and the IDF.

Stand with the Jewish people in their time of trouble.

Stand till the day of the return of the Messiah in the clouds of Heaven.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Remove the Egyptian tanks from Sinai

  1. Very interesting, the way it appears to be building up it seems like perhaps it would reach a crescendo around and before ‘November 7th for Voting time in America’ I would not be surprised !

  2. We will stand up for Israel. Not because, she is a better nation,
    than other nations, but because, she is God’s chosen land and people. To the glory of God.

    1. Dear Lis.


      You are perfectly right. Israel is not free from sin, and she needs to be saved. But to the glory of the Messiah, we support and honor what He has done since 1948, being faithful to the promises He have the Jewish forefathers.

    2. >>We will stand up for Israel. Not because, she is a better nation, than other nations,<<

      I really don't think you meant it to sound the way it is written…(smile)
      For Israel 'is' a better Nation than other Nations…just ask God (smile) Even Israel's capital…for it is "The City of The Great King"

      From what I have read and been taught throughout The Word each time I read it, All Nations will be as The Lord wants them and we'll all visit "The City of The Great King" and bring The Lord Jesus gifts each year….even Revelation mentions of the 'Tree' that has leaves for healing of the Nations…one can get so excited just reading His Majesty's Word….so comforting in all things.

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