Adoring pieces of wood from a coffin in California

The remains of a former coffin of “Father Junipero Serra” is adored in San Carlos in California (US).

“Holy pieces of wood” from the first coffin of beautified priest Serra of San Carlos in California (US).

On August 28, 1784, at the age of 70, Father Junípero Serra died at Mission San Carlos Borromeo. He is buried there under the sanctuary floor.

Pope John Paul II visited Serras grave in September 17th 1987.

This cut wood pieces are remarkable large, consider the value of them cut further into smaller pieces.

This is what Los Angeles Times has recorded:

 If, as expected, Serra is pronounced beatified, or “blessed,” by Pope John Paul II in Carmel in September of 1987, relics are expected to be in even greater demand. Father Juan Folguera, who is in charge of all Franciscan candidates for sainthood, has given permission from Rome for Serra relics to be put aside in anticipation of the pontiff’s declaration.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times was not off the mark with is comment about beautification.

But the Pope did not announce this when he visited the convert in 1987. “Fr. Serra” was beatified by Pope John Paul II on September 25, 1988.

Do not judge the convent in Sao Carlos by its outward appearances. Inside there seems to be unlimited amount of idolatry and fraud.

My comment:

Los Angeles Time was surely right that after the announcement of “beautification” of this priest, his relics would become in “greater demand”.

But few would expect that the demand would increase to a level, where the local priests had to cut his coffin into pieces, in a bid to balance the demand and supply situation.

I am amazed that he pieces of wood as so large. The Vatican priesthood would possibly have been able to mint moor money. by cutting the wood into woodchips.

We have seen multiple examples of relics, who are just fragment of a dead mans bones or skull.

So why display wooden rubble, which is at the size of firewood?

The Pope visits the grave of Serra, after his coffin has been cut into pieces to make some “Holy relics”.

There is only two suitable words for this: Unlimited Madness.

The very idea of exhuming corpses, skulls and bones, is creepy.

That a religious movement take rotten corpses out of the coffin, and cut the wooden planks into pieces is a fruit of insanity. In particular because the Pope calls this carpentry for a being a part of a “process of beautification”.

The truth is, to use Roman Catholic terminology, third class fraud. That reformed pastors and priests accept this kind of acts to be a part of “Christianity” is bringing them in under judgment.

Because even non-Christians and pagans of different kind, have better discernment in regards to what is right, and what is horribly wrong.

Do not stay put in a fellowship, who accept Roman Catholicism as a part of Christianity. Be part of a exodus, of followers of Jesus the Messiah who are not willing to corrupt them selves.

It you do not repent, you might have to spend eternity with the Pope. He will most certainly continue to do what passed popes did. And that is to continue to bless this kind of fraud, the whole way through the gates of Hell.

Written by Ivar

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