Islamic Jihad use Sinai to attack Eilat

Police suspect rockets landed in open areas; group takes responsibility for previous launches from Sinai into Israel.

The Israeli navy operating off the cost of Eilat is not enough to protect this city from attacks from the Sinai.

Security forces searched the Eilat area on Wednesday night after two powerful blasts rocked the Red Sea resort city.

Eilat residents flooded the police’s emergency number after hearing the explosions, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Meanwhile, an Islamist militant group operating in the Sinai Peninsula warned the Egyptian army on Wednesday that an ongoing military crackdown on jihadists in the area will force it to fight back.

The group also said Sinai jihadists had fired rockets at Israel in the last few years. Egypt had repeatedly denied that rockets had ever been fired from Sinai into Israel.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

After the Fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood took over the President office in Cairo, Sinai has again become a security threat for the people of Israel.

Israel should not have any confident in the authority of Egypt willingness to block Islamic terrorists from attacking Israel. Rather Israel must be prepared for Cairo equipping and blessing those who kill Jews in the name of “allah”.

The last attack in Eilat is a brilliant example.

Israel should have learned from the past. Only when the IDF stand at the Suez channel, the Muslim forces can not use the Sinai desert to cripple and kill Jews.

Israel must consider if the 1979 peace agreement now have been set aside by Cairo. To protect Israel, it might be vice to again place an Israeli security and protection force in the Sinai.

You do not negotiate with Fascists, when your own existence is at risk.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad use Sinai to attack Eilat

  1. Well the show is well into the proof of the pudding, the Nations want Israel ‘gone’ and turned over to Islam. Since all Nations have been prostituting their-selves with the enemies of Israel I am surprised the light is not clearly shining brighter on the one (”one”) who will surface and claim ‘a helper’ for Israel and the World to bring it into peace…the lying dog that The Word of God has foretold would happen in the latter days. Many youth taunt these facts as the Bible says they don’t believe it because they have heard it all before, for years.

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