US doubt Israel acting alone will be able to stop Iran

Speaking to the press, General Martin Dempsey says Israeli attack could only delay Tehran’s nuclear progress; Panetta: Israel hasn’t yet made a decision to attack.

The US top general was sent to Israel by Obama to buy the Iranians more time.

Israel has yet to make a decision whether or not to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Tuesday, as the American chief of staff estimated that Israel would not be able to destroy Tehran’s nuclear program by itself.

Speaking during a press briefing, Panetta said: “Obviously Israel has to respond to that question. But from our point of view, the window is still open to try to work towards a diplomatic solution.”

“I don’t believe they made a decision as to whether or not they will go in and attack Iran at this time,” Panetta said. “Obviously, they’re a sovereign country. They’ll ultimately make decisions based on what they think is in their national security interest. But I don’t believe they made that decision at this time.”

Panetta added that “the reality is that we still think there is room to continue to negotiate. The additional sanctions have been put in place. They’re beginning to have an additional impact on top of the other sanctions that have been placed there.”

Source: The Haaretz

My comment:

If Japan had been on the edge of making a nuclear bomb in 1944, would the US have hesitated to bomb Tokyo in a bid to stop them?

My best guess is absolutely not. The US would have done everything within its power to end a possible Japanese nuclear arms program. There would have nee no need or time for negotiations, to give Japan the chance to succeed with its plans.

Simply because such a weapon would have been used in an attack on US soil.

Negotiations about what?

What do the US want Israel to negotiate about?

Its very existence?

Foolishness has a tendency to repeat it self. Israel must not listen to Washington, but take whatever military action necessary to avoid that a second and final Holocaust to take place.

Written by Ivar

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