The Vatican to persecute the Pope’s butler

The Vatican statehood has a Cardinal as the highest judge. Now the Vatican shall persecute the Pope’s butler.

Piero Antonio Bonnet is accused of snatching 100.000 dollar from the Pope’s table.

The Vatican has ordered the former butler of Pope Benedict XVI to stand trial for theft and leaking confidential papers in a scandal that has embroiled the Holy See.

The Vatican says former butler Paolo Gabriele stole a USD 100,000 cheque made out to the Pope.

Another man, identified as computer expert Claudio Sciarpelletti, has also been charged with complicity over the scandal that saw the leaking of confidential Vatican papers to an Italian journalist.

Gabriele faces up to six years in prison. The Vatican has said the trial will not take place until October at the earliest.

The 46-year-old butler was arrested during an investigation into the leak of private papal documents to the media.

He was held for 53 days in a Vatican cell before being put under house arrest in July to await the judge’s decision.

U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke is the highest judge of the Vatican statehood.

While the Vatican has officially reassured Bertone of its support and denied media reports of an internal power struggle, the embarrassment to the Church has been widespread and has taken a physical toll on the pontiff.

It is just the latest in a string of scandals which have plagued the Vatican in recent years, from allegations of money-laundering to clerical sex abuse.


My comment:

Let us first take a look at the juridical system of the Vatican.

Since the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood in 1929, the Pope has been the head of a state. He is the supreme Pontiff, with Diplomatic immunity.

The Pope can not be persecuted in any other states. And inside his own state, He is supreme and infallible. Also in matters of moral issues. If the Pope say He is right, we all have to submit.

The lowest court: From left, Vatican court prosecutor Piero Antonio Bonnet, president Giuseppe Dalla Torre, prosecutors Paolo Papanti Pellettie.

Here is what Catholic News has recorded:

 When Vatican City State was created out of the Lateran Pacts in 1929, it adopted the Italian legal system for very practical reasons. Since the majority of people who are brought before the court are Italian residents, not Vatican citizens, it was believed necessary to have an established point of reference and direct link to Italian authorities.

 Like the Italian system, the Vatican judicial system is an inverted pyramid. At the bottom level is the sole judge, Piero Antonio Bonnet, then there’s a three-judge tribunal, followed by an appeals court and the supreme court of appeals at the top.

Lay lawyers and judges staff the bottom two courts while the appeals court includes clerics. The supreme court of appeals is led by three cardinals, and U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke is president.

Source: Catholic

My comment:

That the claimed to be “Vicar of Christ” has diplomatic immunity, is interesting.  The Pope can easily hide mafia persons and black money inside the Vatican Statehood.

The Pope also demand that his own priesthood live a life of poverty, denying them selves properties, wife’s and materialistic possessions.

I wonder:

Who issued a cheque to the Pope, in not less than 100.000 dollars?

For what purpose was such an amount issued?

What made the Pope accept such an amount?

Is it possible to get a print out of the Popes back account?

The Vatican is like a nest of spiders. When you are caught in this net, it is almost impossible to escape. And the spider in the center, is not a Christian.

The supreme cardinal of the Vatican legal system, is a subject of the Pope. So I guess He will be faithful to his “Holy Father”, and protect him, rather than to stand for the truth. Under any circumstance, the supreme Pontiff must be defended.

Jesus the Messiah would never have lived in the Vatican Statehood. His Kingdom is not of this World.

So neither should you have anything to do with this kind of wicked and blasphemous society, who claim to be a part of the Christian family.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “The Vatican to persecute the Pope’s butler

  1. Only God could have revealed that to you….The Vatican is like a nest of spiders. When you are caught in this net, it is almost impossible to escape. And the spider in the center, is not a Christian…… (Satan is the Spider) and all Church’s that are not born of God are part of the many avenues of that giant web that leads to utter destruction and torment of the spirit, soul and body forever…

  2. Any real true Christian would never join or be a part of the catholic church too much blasphemy which will NOT be any unforgiveable sin the bible says. and this may be listed as the last pope but for years I have heard that he will be killed and then Peter would apear. who knows? but one thing I read on the catholic web is all who are apart and the leaders say they are headed to Rome… be destroyed. how anyone can join of all the churches who put themselves under the catholic unbrella..knowing how they hold mary up above Christ and all pray to her and other so called saints..but they will have no exuse the bible says..G-d said: they put man between me and the thronw which all people who repent can go straight to G-d, and not thru the pope who thinks he is it..On TV I hear John Paul 2 says he has to go to puratroy for some sins and then onto heaven where he will stand at the right hand of in heaven anyone believe this horror..

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