Iran fights for the survival of Basher al-Assaad

Iran do not want Turkey and NATO to take over Damascus.

Brothers in arms. Iran do not want Turkey and NATO to enter the streets of Damascus.

Defected Brig.-Gen. Ibrahim al-Jabawi said Monday that the Syrian regime’s Shabiha militia were led by Iranian military advisors when they stormed the al-Shamas district in Homs. Each Shabiha group followed an Iranian military advisor, Al Arabiya reported.


My comment:

Syria is now in chaos.

Wars are not always based on reason and logic.  Like the US attack on Iraq, who simply did not have any weapons of mass destruction.

The Iraq war is the best example in modern times. A war can be based on lies.

For Iran, Basher-al Assad has been an important ally. Simply because Assad has given Iran access to the Mediterranean Sea. Only Syria has been wiling to let Iranian war ships dock in their naval bases.

For Basher al-Assad the backing from Iran, has been used to reduce the chance for an combined Islamic Jihad and Sunny takeover of his regime. The Shia-Sunny rivalry has so fare left him safe.

If the Basher regime falls, Turkey and NATO will arrive with “peace keeping forces”.  Most likely in full agreement with Russia. That will not be beneficial for the Ayatollah.

For Israel, it is a wait and watch. We can only be sure. It shall get much worse for the Jewish people, before we see a return of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar

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