Merciless slaughter of Sikhs at US Wisconsin temple

Sikhs living in the United States have expressed their shock and fear after a shooting at a temple in Wisconsin on Sunday which left seven people dead.

The US is no longer a safe place for religious minorities, like the Sikhs.

Some community members could not believe what happened. Others said they had feared such attacks since 9/11.

A gunman entered the Sikh temple on Sunday morning and opened fire, killing six people and injuring a policeman.

A vigil for the victims was held in nearby Milwaukee as police searched the suspect’s home.

FBI and bomb squad officers have surrounded the property of the alleged gunman in Cudahy, about 2.5 miles (4km) north of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple and evacuated local residents.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

The post Christian society in the US, is a delay cocktail.  The perfect place for lunatics. They have the right to where a gun, and to take the video games out on the streets.

You might not become the joker in a Batman movie. There are a lot of other devilish characters you can play.

Many Americas are dysfunctional and not literal people. They  do not even know to place India on a map. Less the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh.

I will not be surprised if Syria would be considered as cooler and calmer place, the days there are merciless killings all over the United States.

It might happen sooner than later.

Jesus the Messiah told us about terrible days ahead. It will be so horrific, that all evil that has taken placed in the passed will be like a kinder garden.

 Matthew 24:21
For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

Are you ready for this rocky ride?

Are you one of the disconnected people around us, who have put their head deep into the sand?

Or do you long for your eternal abode inside the Kingdom of Heaven?

If you have rejected Jesus, you need to come back to your senses quickly.  If not, you will perish.

If you have never heard about Him, welcome to this site. Look around, and let me know what you think.

Jesus the Messiah is my Lord and my God.  And He must become your God too. Amen.

Written by Ivar

51 thoughts on “Merciless slaughter of Sikhs at US Wisconsin temple

  1. The US is a dangerous pace and becoming more dangerous. The day is fast approaching when the Redeemed church will go underground in Christ’s protection. The persecution will begin, all in the name of peace.

    1. Yes, godsfingers, you can already see the persecution forming. Bible-believers are already termed “haters” by “homosexual rights” groups and they have bought a lot of influence among certain politicians. They have pronounced Focus on the Family to be a hate group! The homosexual political agenda is becoming specifically anti-Christian (you don’t see them labeling Muslim groups as “hate groups” even though Islam teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin—just like Christianity). I think that this was the covert agenda behind the overt agenda right from the beginning (just like the “abortion rights” agenda). It was Satan’s sly way of striking at Christianity without appearing to do so at the outset.

  2. Please dont generalize America. We are not all lunatics. Alot of us stand tall for Jesus and do not condone these horrible acts. I did not vote for Obama either. Yes the world is awful and sinful but we are in it together and all we can do besides vote and speak which i do is trust God because he is in control. Many Americans love jesus and eagerly await his return. When we get the opportunity to speak up we are silenced. I support Israel very much. I dont support murder in any form to anyone only defense. I love Jesus and im American.

    1. Dear Jen.


      You wrote:

      Please dont generalize America.

      My reply:

      I never generalized America.

      I wrote: “Many Americas are dysfunctional and not literal people”.

      It is anyhow painful for most Americans who do not wear guns, that the man walking next to you might have one. And he might have had a bad day.

      1. It’s not common for people to wear guns in America. People mostly jog here, In MD you need a permit to carry one and have a snowballs chance in hell of getting a permit unless you drive an armored truck. Guns are hardly one of Americas biggest problems. The media plays it up in their work to model lies for the global agenda, taking our guns away is part of that agenda. I hear they’re saying the shooters were part of a neo-nazi organization, why not go after the neo-nazi organizations? Because that’s not their agenda..

    1. Dear Onisha Ellis


      I do not live in America, but have been there on five trips. I agree that is if wrong to generalize the American public, but most Americans do have an opinion about gun control. The latest mass murders in the US, highlights the problem with a constitutional right to wear fire arms in public.

      The lesser numbers of fire arms, the lesser chance for murders to take place. It is more difficult to kill with less powerful weapons.

      My point is that many Video gamers do no longer see the difference between right and wrong, between a game and reality. If there is a gun available, demonized people do use them.

      1. Ivar greetings and peace

        Most Americans opinion on guns is that they should own 1-5 of them. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. On an old sitcom that used to be on tv one of the actors on the show
        said if you want to stop hijackings give everyone a gun when they board the plane. Their is some good logic to that. Now when the 911 hijackers boarded the plane they did not use guns, they used box cutters and they killed thousands. It wasn’t the weapon
        but the intent of the heart of the men doing it and in this case the heart of this neo nazi white supremecist whacko nut case. If he hadn’t have had a gun he would have done it somehow else because that was his intent. He hated and wanted these people dead. Now just think if everyone in that temple was packin, and
        had a mind of defending with their weapon. Maybe only 2 people would have been slain. The first innocent person and then the shooter shot by someone who was packin

  3. I live in the country with 3 german shepherd dogs and the thievery is rampant and I need to buy some handguns along with my trusty shotgun. I had my storm door hinges destroyed and wonder when they (thieves) will kick in the door when I am sleeping. It is up to me to protect myself and I will.
    Your right Ed! the only agenda the gov is thinking about is stripping our rights, its called agenda 21 .

  4. I must say that I am very disappointed with your views of “many” Americans. We are all appalled by the recent violent attacks that have happened in our country. Yes, many Americans are gun owners, but you would never know it, the majority of gun owners are very responsible, law abiding citizens We are not all illiterate, unitelligable people. America is a very large country and most of the country is a very safe and pleasant place to live.Please don’t blame the actions of a few on the whole country. America has it’s bad lot, as does every country, it is man’s sinful nature.

    1. Dear Rena


      I do not understand why you are disappointed because of my use of the phrase “Many Americans”. You should rather be concerned about America having the highest rate of merciless killings by private guns in the civilized world.

  5. I have always enjoyed your web site, but if you are going to generalize Americans as “gun toting, free shooting, idiots”. Then you have lost a reader. By the way, the constitution gives us the right to own guns, not to carry them around in public, that requires additional permits and is not allowed in all areas.
    God bless you and I hope He opens your eyes to your prejudice that you have for Americans.

    1. Dear Rena


      Thanks for being a faithful reader.

      I am sure you do not agree with everything I write. If we all agree on everything, we can only be sure about one thing. We have become a sect.

      I am glad I have between 4 and 5 thousand readers on an average day. I try to serve my readers, by giving valid, not bias but balanced information in a Messianic perspective.

      My use of “many Americans” can surely be disputed. May be I should have written “some Americans”.

      1. The media spins enough stories about how bad gun owning is for America. Despite the vast majority of Americans being responsible gun owners, if the law took the guns away only the criminals would have guns. Case in point, drugs are illegal in America but there are plenty of those and usually the cause of gun violence. They made gun ownership illegal in Washington DC since it’s not part of America, not subject to the constitution and gun crime went up,

      2. Dear Ed.


        Guns never solve any problem. Guns create problems, and people get killed. Some Americans live in the false security mode, believing that police and security personal being armed gives them safety. The truth is that most cops in the US is killed by their own gun, in encounter with criminals.

      3. What is the purpose of having a gun? If one is in an apt…and a snake enters or an armadillo enters, do we need a gun to get rid of it? If a burglar enters do we say “Excuse me kind sir or madam, let me go get my gun and oh by the way since I am a conscientious gun holder, my bullets are in a separate place so any stranger or child can’t get it and hurt themselves or others…Okay I’m ready now, ‘Now what do we do? Do I shoot you or you shoot me? or is this a scare tactic that you get afraid because I have a gun??? …..God help us! We are so programmed!!

        For those who live by the gun shall die by the gun!

        For those who use a rifle and/or gun to get food…then it is reasonable they need a gun…if they are the Military and/or Police then it’s their job!

      4. Andrea
        It runs deep with many americans.
        The right to bear arms is our constitutional right. When they(the government takes them away)they have removed a right and a freedom.
        When they take away the guns they have disarmed the citizens and thus the citizens are in subjection. One of the biggest reasons the citizens have not been taken over is because they are armed. I do not own a gun, have not ever wanted one or needed one.But I respect the right to have one. When that right is removed what will be the next right
        to be taken away.

      5. Todd, what you write about guns and constitutional rights, is very sad…have you ever read Colossians 3:1-3 ? I’ll even save you the time of looking it up…for it is imperative you see this in light of God’s Word and in light of what the World says about ‘anything including guns that ”run deep”….This runs ”deeper”..

        Colossians 3:1 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.
        Colossians 3:2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.
        Colossians 3:3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

        In fact it would be profitable for you to read the entire Book of Colossians..(smile) ..this is far more than any constitutional rights…I could give you far more, however ruminate over these (like a cow or sheep eating grass…enjoy the ‘juices of life’ from the green grass we are given to graze in) Let the world be concerned about their ‘rights’ …Jesus took us out of the world’s jurisdiction though we do have to live here until he returns.but we are not I repeat we are not, bound by them for our protection and or defense.

        Also….(so much for the ‘rights of defending with guns or etc)..(smile)

        Revelation 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

        Revelation 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

        Revelation 13:9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

      6. Andrea.
        Good grief
        You totally do not know me
        I said it runs deep with Americans It doesn’t run deep with me even though I am American
        I have read the letter to the Colossians many,many, many, many times Andrea. As a believer I do not consider myself to have any rights and do not depend on the constitution for my protection or freedom. Where the spirit of the Lord is their is liberty and freedom. Most of the time I consider myself an alien and stranger. However being a citizen of the USA grants you some rights and priviledges just as Paul who had Roman citizenship granted him certain priviledges. I obey the law except when the law violates Gods law. When and if rights are taken from me matters little to me. My affections are set above. I do not consider myself a citizen of this world. My citizenship is in heaven. My mind is not on earthly things as those who are enemies off the cross of Christ is. The best is yet to come for me. Was this article a set up or what

      7. Todd I only responded to ‘your post’…in the area you listed as ‘rights, constitutional rights, right to bear arms, etc’…in leu of ‘our rights’…Seems as though I offended you..Sorry about that…when one places themselves as part of ‘our’ in terms of this world, I tend to take them at their word.
        As for if this post was a ‘set up’…I have not seen any posts as a set up unless to speak of one the other day who ‘said theirs was a set up’ just to see what others would say…which is also provoke or possibly provoke one not in line with The Word of God…
        So again, if I offended you ‘with The Word’…”Smile Todd” it’ll all be over shortly 🙂

      8. Andrea
        Sorry When I said “our freedoms”. I should have said “their freedoms” i’m just a novice at writing
        I’m smilin 🙂
        You have a good day sister

      9. To Ivar: You saying “many americans” did not mean “all americans”, so I do not understand the disagreement some may have of your use of wording.

        To those that think guns are a “right” to have now a days: Romans 12:19 says: Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

        We as Christians are setting a bad example to those looking to be saved by Christ by saying it is our right to carry a gun. Because a man who is not saved murders many, does not mean we have a right to murder that man.

        We have to learn to leave all problems in God’s hands for he is our Savior.

        FYI: I know of a man who has prayed for me twice, and who I have heard preaching the Word of God many times, who’s daughter was murdered by her husband. This same preacher went to the jail where his son in law was kept, and the son in law accepted Jesus Christ, and asked the man for forgiveness. It is Jesus who is our Judge over all things.

        God Bless

      10. Dear Gloria.


        Good to see you back, sister.

        I feel this is a taboo even among Evangelical Americans. Some of them might even have guns them selves.

        They should ask them selves: Would Jesus carry a gun?

        What are they sacred of?

        Do they want to fight with guns for their fleshy Earthly properties?

        Are they not sure there is a Kingdom of Heaven, and want to battle it out and become evil on this planet?

      11. Be careful there Ivar, some of the brethren will ”take you out” if you sit in their spot in the pew!! hahaha, Great Granny sit thar nigh on to ‘umpteen year ago’ with all her youngins while Grandpa guarded the parking lot with his gun…and Pastor ‘knowd’ that’s our seat!

      12. Ohh the Testimonies we will here about what Jesus has done for all of us, even for those who rejected His Great Grace…Yeppers, we’ll have Eternity that never ends to worship, be in awe of our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ…

      13. Glad to be back Ivar 🙂

        Those who carry guns, Christian or not, potentially allow the devil to squirm in their lives as a snake, and whisper to them that shooting in the name of defense is good. They follow Satan’s lies. For God clearly says vengeance is his.

  6. So it only took a Demon that pulls people by the nose shouting..”America the Great”…to pull some from the simplicity of
    the Truth!….Wow! So concerned about what their ‘Native Land’ is called, and/or is or has or will be doing, just as long as people know that each are ‘the Bible Toting, Christians while the rest are heathens. Oh well, there are and will be many reasons why the masses will follow the ‘deception that is to come’…God help us all!….So many already follow the ‘Unity, Nationalism, Chrislam, Lets’ just be one big ‘get along’ group of Christians, no matter what religion we are…??? I for one think Jesus is the core and not the nations, Jesus will be the center not the ring that has the ‘trinket’ tied to it that leads many astray!

    1. Only to those who have no ears to hear, eyes to see and the other part of the spiritual senses (which are nose to smell, mouth to taste, and the touch..we all have 5 spiritual senses as we also have 5 natural (earthly senses)…so yes, as Jesus said, the spiritual things are understood by the spiritual the natural minded man can not understand the things of the spirit.

  7. Goodness not all gun owners run out and kill multitudes of people, usually its only armadillia’s or snakes. America has taken alot of heat from most countries and I for one would rather back outa the whole mess and be an isolationist. But this old world is on its last gasp, we are predestined for greater things which are not of this world so all get a grip.

    1. The World is not on it’s last gasp…the people in it are…and yes those born of God are promised greater things than that is of the world. And those not of God are promised Eternal torment!

  8. Your right Andrea it is we the people that created this mess in this world…we live in, just a figure of speech here…this earth and heavens will pass away one day. we have to give thanks to the Great One for saving ones sorry but repented soul…
    I am Cherokee, native of this land.

    1. Dear Rose.


      You wrote:

      I am Cherokee, native of this land.

      My comment:

      Than you know the crimes done by the white man in America. He could not have done these crimes, if he had not used guns.

    2. I’m of the Christian Heritage…(smile) I try not to get into the Who’s Who of Ancestry, unless some try to push what I am ‘part of’…then I tell them “Mulligan Stew”…(smile).. a little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of the other .. Any sin people want to know what I have committed..I tell them ‘read Genesis thru Revelation, pick one…(smile) for I am guilty of them all if you broke one commandment you are guilty of them all…so by Grace I am now translated from the Kingdom of Darkness and into the Kingdom of God’s dear Son Jesus Christ…(smile) Whoooopeeee !! I’m out of that Hot Boiling Pot on the Stove !! †

  9. It’s controversy over controversy non-ending stuff, when the immediate need is to see this is avoided all over the world, which means in the developed countries and the non-developed countries but all of us well know that this if far from reality.When the need of the hour is absolutely some thing beyond, by submitting and humbling ourselves to God’s will . The Satan squirms in everyone’s life, from the day of ones birth till death. Are there no fanatics in every corner & nook of this world; why target on United States of America?
    “Would Jesus carry a gun?”. Lord Jesus Christ, lived, relished and flourished under the Roman Empire, and the Empire did everything necessary for their safety, of the people and for the people.
    Our heart felt feeling to all who suffered and still suffering, for this whole tragedy, the Sikhs, Police-force,and all the people around the world who can feel the depth of this tragedy.
    Let me not be a bleating sheep.
    This sentence ” The perfect place for lunatics.” is it right for anyone to see a spec in their brothers eye and neglect a log or a plank in their own eye. It is a very,very sad event; our heartfelt prayers to all and wisdom to know the difference.

  10. Hmmm, would Jesus carry a gun, perhaps he would defer it to His followers. I’m reminded of Luke 22:36-38

    Luke 22:36-38

    New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

    36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. 37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’[a]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”

    38 The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.”

    “That is enough,” he replied.

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