Israel eliminated Egyptian Jihad cell within 15 minutes

On Monday Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz toured the scene of the attack with Brigadier General Tal Russo who reconstructed the events.

The head of the IDF, General Gatz inspects the crime scene where Islamic terrorists entered Israel using Egyptian military equipment.

“The vehicle met with an (IDF) force at every point it tried to infiltrate,” he said speaking of the Egyptian armored vehicle stolen by the terrorists.

“There were quite a few clashes before (the vehicle) was destroyed. Armored forces, the Air Force and infantry forces closed in (on the vehicle) and eventually it was destroyed from the air and on the ground.

“Those who attempted to escape and fire at the forces after (the vehicle) was destroyed, were also eliminated,” said Brigadier General Russo of the terrorists who tried to escape the armored vehicle.

“On the whole there was a great deal of cooperation together with excellent cooperation between the forces,” he added.

Hamdeen Sabahi, who placed third in the Egyptian presidential elections as the revolutionists’ candidate, criticized Israel for attacking terrorists inside Egyptian territory. He said Israel acted with complete disregard for Egypt’s sovereignty in the region.


My comment:

For once, the World Media do not blame Israel for an attack on Jewish soil. The Islamic terror attack came from Sinai, and it was Egyptian policemen and soldiers who got killed.

Israel have never breached the peace agreement with Egypt from 1979. Israel also hope that the new Islamic government in Egypt, will honor this agreement.

If Egypt want to enter into yet another war with Israel, Cairo can only be sure of one thing.  It will not take the IDF must more than 15 minutes to make the people in Cairo to pay for such stupidity.

Egypt was defeated in 1948, 1952, 1967 and 1973.

Will the Muslims ever learn, that God of Israel is the supreme King of the Universe?

That Jesus the Messiah will come back to His own people, regardless of what the Koran says about this topic?

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Israel eliminated Egyptian Jihad cell within 15 minutes

  1. The God of Israel destroyed the entire Egyptian army in the Red sea, He does not want to do it again but he will not stand by and see His people annihalated, His will is non to perish. Sadly though the Egyptians do not remember this an dbelieve their allah to be all powerful although he has failed time and time again to wipe out Israel and Israel remains as a prosperous democracy within a blooming desert while Egypt remains a desert with severe poverty and internal problems.

  2. Tommy
    As I said on a previous post. The enemies that surround Israel are no match against the superior IDF. The enemies are just fortunate that Israel is slow to anger and has not yet blown them off the map.
    Because she could.

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