IDF: Rise in sexual harassment complaints

Number of complaints rises by more than 80 percent in five years. Official says this could be explained by greater awareness‬‬.

I love this pictures.The Jewish girls of the IDF is the pride of all Israeli fathers and mothers. They do a great job.

The number of complaints of sexual harassment and assault in the IDF has risen by more than 80% in the past five years, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

In 2007, IDF Women’s Affairs Advisor, Col. Rachel Tevet-Wiesel, received 318 complaints of verbal and physical harassment. In 2011, her office handled 583 complaints. The number of complaints that led to official investigations has climbed from 94 in 2007 to 144 in 2011.


My comment:

One case of sexual harassment in the IDF , is one too many.

Let all lovers of Israel be honest about the mistakes done inside the Jewish homeland. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and freedom of expression is highly respected in the Jewish society.

I was the main spokesman for the navy recruits in Norway in my youth. I remember when the first young females came to the camp. It was crazy days. Boys and girls were equal guilty of shameless sexual immorality.

All secular and non Orthodox Israeli girls serve two years in the armed forces.

There are 176.000 youngster in Israel who serve in the military force at any given time. 583 complaints are 1 per  300 personnel.

That is a problem, but not to be overestimated.

Israel will not escape sexual immorality of various kind in the defense force.  Neither will any other military force.

May the mercy and grace of Jesus the Messiah be with every Israeli who serve in the IDF. The Israeli Military needs our prayers.

Written av Ivar

3 thoughts on “IDF: Rise in sexual harassment complaints

  1. I am an american USA south carolina 46 years old 27 years working in heating and airconditioning and 4 years of sheet metal school 4 boys and one girl,,, one wife of corse ,,we have many girls in our military, many are raped in the transport trucks by their own confesions perpatrated by fellow solders,,this brings much shame on US,I am christian not jew,,I love isreal , I teech my children to love isreal,,our bible says they are GODs chosen people,,I promote the idea to my boys that it would be honarable to fight with the isreal army,,,and show them the pictures of the isreal army girls,,,they say they are nice looking but not to get killed for over their,,,this is what I think may help, DO NOT put their sexuality on disply so much, make them be in uniform for pictures,,YES they are beutifull,,,naturaly beutifull not like hollywood devils but like ester, and ruth and naomy good women of the bible,,they dont need to take of their clothes for picture,, what the eye don”t see the heart don”t greev ..PEACE BE APON ISREAL!

  2. Who the heck typed the last comment? Isaac starke isn’t a native American, I can tell you that. “I am an american USA”??? And “PEACE BE “A” PON ISRAEL”??? It would seem an ISRAELI is who was behind that. And so it is a PSY OP. A PSYCHOGICAL OPERATION. They’d like to asymetrically utilize Christians as a FORCE MULTIPLIER because they know that they have more enemies than most. And so that comment was used to attempt to pursuade more Christians to become pro Jew. I would say to ISAAC, next time you might want to get a real American to type for you if you want to pose as one.

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