Mitt Romney supports formation of state of “Palestine”

Romney says he supports a two-state solution with the starting point on borders to be “decided by the parties involved.”

Mitt Romney chose his words very carefully during his visit to Jerusalem.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney supports a two-state solution to solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, he told CNN during his visit to Jerusalem.

In an interview with the American news network, which took place in Jerusalem on Sunday, Romney was asked if he saw the starting point for negotiations as the borders which existed prior to the 1967 Six Day War.
He responded by saying,

“I’m not being that specific. I’m saying that there will be borders that have to be negotiated and what the starting point is something which will be decided by the parties involved.”

He added, “What the ending point is will be decided by the parties involved.”

Addressing the issue of Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria, which the U.S. has criticized, Romney said that the issue “is something that should be discussed in private by the American president and our allies.”

“When we show a diplomatic distance between ourselves and our ally, I think we encourage people who oppose that relationship to seek other means to achieve their ends,” he added.

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

What was Mitt Romney’s message, during his visit to Israel?

 Proverbs 27:6
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.

After a second look, we can see a typical US candidate for President in the fine print.

Lets study what Mitt Romney did not say:

He did not say, that Jerusalem can not be the capital of two states. He did not say that Jerusalem shall never be divided again.

Since Mitt Romney still support a two-state-solution, my best guess is that the proposed totalitarian Islamic state of “Palestine” must have a capital. And an airport too.

Funny.  Looks like we already have an Obama II in the pipeline.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Mitt Romney supports formation of state of “Palestine”

  1. “Funny. Looks like we already have an Obama II in the pipeline.”

    Exactly what my wife and I have said all along. They may change the color, but the man is the same.

    What he did say is coming, and as a result the total downfall of the US, “When we show a diplomatic distance between ourselves and our ally,” He WILL withdraw support.

  2. Gal 4:29 At that time the son born in the ordinary way persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now.

    Spare the rod spoil the child.

  3. Look at the difference between Canada and America, it was reported recently that on average canadians are now more wealthy than the average Americans, is this a result of Canada’s openly pro Israel government, a Government with a PM who has stated his support for israel and the Jewish people? But unlike a US president he doesn’t say something else to different audiences, he actually means it. Whadya reckon folks?

    1. Probably more to do with the US government fighting all these wars and racking up trillions in debt. Then the bankers of the privately owned federal reserve system can charge whatever interest they want and demand higher taxes for the money they loan us, printed out of thin air. Then when that’s not enough they give themselves a few billion in bailouts, subsidize their own businesses with government funds. corruption through and through.

  4. Corruption Corruption Corruption, there is no lack of the fruit of Pharaoh Wanna-be Romney and Pharaoh Obama. Toss a nickel coin in the air, and if the ‘tails comes up, or the ‘head comes up…it’s still a nickel….there is NO difference in these two men. They are what they are and for this time in History in God’s plan they play their part did Judas!
    Pray brethren pray these have no clue what they are doing and are about to do. Pray for Israel, Pray for Jerusalem, Pray our flight will not be in the winter, Pray our flight will not be on the Sabbath, Pray Jesus will find faith on the Earth when He returns….

  5. Figures. Does he also support Arizona as a new state for illegal Mexicans?
    I cant stand these pols.

    Thanks for the work, IVAR.

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