Mitt Romney challenge bid to divide Jerusalem

Fatah official calls refusal to meet Abbas “unacceptable”: Hamas: Declaring J’lem Israel’s capital insulting to Palestinians, Muslims.

Mitt Romeny walks into a meeting with the PA Prime Minister Fayyad.

Various radical Palestinian groups Monday criticized Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad for meeting with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, especially in wake of the latter’s statement that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is very difficult for a Christian Zionist to criticize Mitt Romney’s political support for a united Jerusalem, the capital of nothing but Israel.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, not an evangelical Christian. I have to warn you about his faith, following a copy-cat of “Jesus”.

But in regards to His support for Zionism, his support is welcomed. Romney gives the Americans a real choice at the ballot box in November.  You have to be very pessimistic to believe that Romney-rule will become worse for the Jewish homeland, than the present Obama administration.


We all remember Obamas outspoken support for Israel before he was elected President. Let us hope that Romney will not reduce him self to become a hypocrite, if He is elected as the Commander in Chief of America.

Written by Ivar

18 thoughts on “Mitt Romney challenge bid to divide Jerusalem

  1. I appreciate the earnestness of hopeful, prayerful desires for the November’s Election. Whether they be for or against either candidate. I for one would not trust Israel or any nations in the hands of Enemies of The Cross of Jesus Christ. And I don’t believe those who have a earnest hopeful desire and/or prayerful desire will or ever will put their trust in an Enemy of Jesus Christ. I have seen far too many who say one thing to get a vote and ‘say many excuses why they ‘altered’ their word’ short ”LIED (smile) Yet we are told to pray for the Leaders and I do…”Just a simple prayer from the heart”.. .

    Dear Lord you know this Pharaoh you have down here in charge of this Nation and is such an influence of other Nations, Well Sir, he needs your help, he is like Nineveh, He can’t discern from his left hand to his right hand. Neither can the one who is trying to get his job. Sir, please help them both less they continue to lead many astray and work contrary to Your Word. Also help their wives and families, In Jesus Name Thank you Sir …Amen

    Jonah 4:11 And should not I spare Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand; and also much cattle?

    1. Dear Andrea


      I just saw Mitt Romney in Poland, a speech covered by CNN.

      Romney could have hailed a lot of Poles for doing great things. But he chose to hail an antichrist. For several minutes.

      Romney lifted up late Pope Johan Paul II as a great man.

      It is obvious that a man who have not received the Holy Spirit, will live a life of errors. From one antichrist to another.

      Romney seems to be an opportunist. To a Jew he speaks what itches his ear, and likewise to a Roman Catholic crowd.

      My best guess is that Romany quickly will become an Obama II.

      1. Amen, You are so right Absolutely so RIGHT (smile)….and many will see it also eventually, just right now many are blinded by their own lusts, (lusts that they are right more than bowing to The Words concept of Jesus), their denomination etc tempers flare quickly…I just had lunch with a Christian couple, both, husband and wife, said “We are not voting for Romney, we are NOT voting for Obama” started getting heated, ‘so I asked “Wouldn’t it be neat if Everyone who ‘professed to be Christians wrote in..JESUS …(smile)…the key word here is ”professeses” to be…Christians…” …Even Obama, Romney, Anyone in All of Iran, Iraq, England, Saudi Arabia..Israel…All Nations That would make Historical News (Smile)…feelings slowed down, and the Peace of Jesus returned, when this happens one just has to sit back and wait for The Holy Spirit to reveal what will bring accord back to the table…yet I know these do not see the danger this Nation is in this very day! But our Lord is faithful..HE will open the blinded eyes…

      2. I made a mistake on this post…the couple I had lunch with ‘did not say they would not vote for Romney…they said ”they would”…just to get Obama out…some are very adamant about this.. sad but true…they are afraid if they don’t vote then they were told by ‘Christian Leaders’ that it would be counted ‘as a vote of Obama’….so many are so deceived..

        “to get a Rattle Snake out of your house
        and let a Python enter is not wise!

        In Psalm 74 Yahweh is said to “break the heads of Leviathan in pieces” before giving his flesh to the people of the wilderness;

        in Psalm 104 Yahweh is praised for having made all things, including Leviathan;

        and in Isaiah 27:1 he is called the “wriggling serpent” who will be killed at the end of time.

    1. I would to God that I was wrong about Romney…however I know I am not wrong…just like Regan, many did not know until way after he left the Office as President of USA, that every morning, he and his wife Nance had their own Physic come in and give them their ‘Horoscope for the Day’…they depended on that Physic before any major decisions…This was told by many as well as Regan and Nancy themselves…Sad but true! We will find out many things we were ‘the greedy sheep being led to the other greener field’ by those we thought were ‘upright’ Christians. And/or good (morally) men that would serve the Nation well.

    2. Sister Rose, I had a lady come to live with my family and I for a while she had no place to go at the time, new to the congregation. While she was there she ate, slept, lived the way we did. She lasted a week (the following Sunday)..until she could find someone else in the Church she could move in with. The Pastor came to me and told me the stories going around about the way she was treated in my home. He said, Many brethren will turn from Jesus for the same reasons. This lady thought we had more food, more conveniences in our home by the way we all either praised Jesus or the way we always said we are blessed when asked how we are! So she assumed we had more than enough of everything …”to us we did (and do) to her it was a tremendous let down”…The Word is wanted ‘in front of The Pastor, other believers in Church, but is The Word (His Word to live by) wanted behind closed doors? I speak of ‘The Word as ”Jesus IS THE WORD”….

  2. Romney will say and do what he needs to in order to get elected.
    He ran for govenor of massachusetts. One of the most liberal states.
    he didn’t win with a republican conservative platform. He was Pro Choice, and signed into law, socialized health care. outsourced jobs
    to asian countries. The health care plan he signed into law enabled abortions to be done for a $50 co-pay. He has flip/flopped. The only record he has is Massachusetts. He could be wearing sheeps clothes. I am a registered Republican, and am having difficulty deciding what to do in Nov.

  3. Hmmm so describing jerusalem as Israels capital is insulting to palestinians, you mean like dancing in the streets and offering cakes to everyone on 9/11 is insulting to Americans. Jerusalem is Israels capital.

      1. It will become the capital when the U.S. moves its embassy there.
        Will Romney be the one to do it? When U.S. moves there all the other embassy’s will have to follow (because they all want to do business with the US)and then it will be the Political capital of Israel.

  4. Everyone’s comments are read carefully, such is learning what people think.
    Andrea thanks for your kind insight. I remember a verse from the very middle of the Holy Bible, which tells us not to put our confidence in man for he will disappoint one, and I had.
    My one desire was to be rid of obammma and not thinking about what our Father in heaven has planned for the world and his people. As I study the history of Israel and the 10 tribes, I shudder and fear for whats coming. Only The Word will sustain and strenghten me.

    The seed of Abraham was spread worldwide and we are all brothers and sisters when one thinks about it.

    1. Yes we are all brothers and sisters ”IF” we are born again…if not we are what Jesus (before we are born from on High)…we were the children of darkness, children of rebellion, our father was Satan… I thank God …dearly …that HE is my father now!

  5. Repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ….You weight far too much to be spouting such blasphemies…against God’s anointed.and His chosen people. I will tell you this foolish child, your next breath either in or out, could very well bring you face to face with Almighty God surely you don’t want your last words to be contrary to His Word …and/or against His blood covered son…I pray you’ll get the gift of ‘shame’ that you may in the future watch what you let your tongue spew before The Throne of God!

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