Christian Palestinianism and the antichrist

There can be few things that are more pathetic and sick, than claimed to be“Christians” doing the will of Satan in the name of “Christ”.

Please spend one hour watching this video. You will not regret.

Pastor Paul Wilkinson exposes the evil ideology of “Christian Palestinianism”, a theology with its sources from the deepest parts of the bottomless pit. The eternal lake of fire is prepared for all who submit to this falsehood.

You better be aware of what takes place in your own church, and not be lukewarm.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Christian Palestinianism and the antichrist

  1. I was touched by this ‘simple’ brother’s courage to stand up for the truth in that very imposing company.

    (Typical that they would try to drown him out whith ‘we shall overcome’.)

    Paul Wilkinson exposes the foundations of ‘christian palestinianism’, and shows where it leads in practicality.

    Replacement theologi is a scary thing. And so prevalent…

    Scripture always has to be our foundation.
    The promises of God, and His faithfulness, reflect HIS character.

    Sadly, I see that our friend, Paul Wilkinson goes on in other videos goes on to teach another form of replacement theology!
    He seems rather impressed by Schofield and Darby, and (from what I gather) teach a pre-trib, dispensational view on the church and Israel in the last days.

    Well, isn’t that just another form of replacement theology?
    The church is supposedly raptured, and whisked away out of trouble, while Israel is ‘left behind’,to go through the great tribulation, whithout even the Holy Spirit’s prescence…

    (Remember, according to pre-trib teaching, it’s the Holy Spirit that has to be ‘taken out of the way’, to allow Antichrist to step forward!)

    No, I believe the bible teaches that the destinies of Israel and the (true) church will be intertwined til the very end. And then, as Jesus our Messiah returns, there will be one people. The blind in both camps shall then see clearly.

    Israel will grieve and mourn when it is clear to them Who their Messiah is, and that they have misjudged His identity.

    And the church will have reason to mourn for the way she/we(many christians) through the ages have treated Israel, and misjudged her identity.

    To sum up:
    I can recommend this video. It’s very informative. And touching.
    But I’m afraid I can’t recommend Paul Wilkinsons teachings as a whole, since he teaches what effectively amounts to replacement escathology.

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