Saudi Arabia threatens to quit Olympics based on Sharia

Saudi Arabia has threatened to withdraw unless a female judo athlete Wojdan Shaherkani is permitted to use hijab.

Female athlete Wujdan Shahrkhani lives by Sharia laws. If she do not get her will, “allah” wants her to boycott the games.

This was reported by the Telegraph on Friday.

The Saudis said the women could compete only if they were allowed to wear appropriate Muslim clothing.

On Thursday night the International Judo Federation president Marius Vizer said Wujdan Shahrkhani could not fight with a headscarf.

He said the decision was a result of safety concerns and also “according to the principles and spirit of judo”.

Judo spokesman Nicolas Messner said the hijab could be dangerous because the sport involved strangleholds and chokeholds.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

Submission to Sharia laws in the Olympic. That is basically what Saudi Arabia demands.

I guess we all have to rejoice. This is the one of the best evidence we can get, that Islam has to be contained. Do not let this curse spread into the civilized word.

Civilized nations who see rapid growth in its Muslim population must question their careless and naive politicians. If not this cancer will spread and pollute our villages and cities.

We must learn from world history. Islam is not good for anything. The nations who have let Islam become the religion of the majority, have all ended up as despotic, cruel regime that rejects human rights, freedom, liberty and democracy.

Do you read me?

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia threatens to quit Olympics based on Sharia

  1. The politicians of the civilized nations are not “naive and careless”. They are owned by the new world order that wants to break down all nations and enslave all nations, and they are importing islam on purpose to achieve that goal.

  2. You left out the final line in the original report on the Times of India site:

    “However, judo federations in Asia have allowed Muslim women to wear hijabs.” SOURCE http:// (censored. Editor).

    1. Dear Bryce.


      It is correct that I did not mention this. But all can read the link I provided.

      In India, Muslims have the right to live by certain Sharia laws. Like having 4 wife’s. Still India is facing Islamic terrorism. So submission = Islamic governmental rule. Nothing more, and nothing less.

      Do not give Islam an inch.

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