Jewish girls desecrate Koran in Hebron

Police yet to trace two girls who vandalized holy Muslim books in Cave of Patriarchs four months ago‬‬.

The Jewish tomb in Hebron has been polluted by Islam, in a bid to falsify World history.

Two teenage girls caught on security cameras tearing Koran books inside the Cave of Patriarchs, have yet to be questioned by police who have failed to track them down, four months after the incident.

The incident occured four months ago when the Cave of Patriarchs was open to Jewish worshippers. The girls entered the cenotaph of Isaac, which is used for Muslim prayers, took two Koran books from a nearby stand and proceeded to tear the pages. Later on, they hurled the books, which are sacred to Islam, at the wall.

Midway through the desecration, they were noticed by an Israel Border Guard officer who did not intervene.

Another officer who was at the scene approached the girls and stalled them.

And yet, since the event the girls have not been summoned by the police for further investigation.


My comment:

It is not a huge surprise that the tomb of the Patriarchs have been polluted by Islam. After the Oslo accord, Israel had to return Jewish property to the Arabs, who occupy Hebron, among other cities in Judea and Samaria.

To highlight the Koran’s inside the grave of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a disgrace. The falsehood of Muhammad came  into existence between 1.500 and 2.000 years after the Patriarchs acknowledge the Torah, and the Law of Elohim spread all over the World from the city of the great Jewish King David.

Still, vandalism must not be permitted. It is wrong to burn or destroy books. The Jews would have learned this from the Nazis in Germany, who burned everything Jewish. Even to remove pornographic material from shops is wrong. It must be the law of the land who ban such materials, and we should not take the law into our own hands. If we do, violence, anarchy and chaos will be the fruits of our walk.

Jesus the Messiah got angry, and removed the money changer from the Temple in Jerusalem. He did not tell us to copy this act.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Jewish girls desecrate Koran in Hebron

  1. Ivar, l normally agree with your writings, but today my sympathies lie with the two girls and l take my hat off to the police who ”have not” apprehended these teen age girls who have torn the ungodly koran. Sometimes we do have to destroy what is evil and what desecrates other people’s property. AND ISRAEL BELONGS TO THE JEWS, THE WHOLE OF ISRAEL, STRETCHING FROM EGYPT TO IRAN AND IRAQ

    1. Dear Dezsi Russouw


      It is impossible for two persons to always be in agreement. Just ask people who have been married for some time.

      In regards to the two Jewish girls, I can not acknowledge destruction of religious books. You do not win over anyone, by such acts of hooliganism. I will advice you to read 1.Corinthians chapter 13 all over again. Without love, we are all hopelessly lost. The few Muslims I have won over for Yeshua, have all come because of agape love.

      1. Ivar, I’ve been praying about this since I wrote I disagree…I too have by God’s grace won over Muslims by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m in contact with many of them daily. This is not an excuse or a reason for why I said what I did of ‘disagree.’

        I do not think any one should go into any business just to destroy their items. If that is the area in which you are referring to then, Yes, I do agree with you.

        I would not want anyone to see and/or believe that Christians can not come together in agreement, (even on blogs) even if it is to the extinct of miss-understanding the reasons the other one (me) are in disagreement. Amos 3:3. Yes, Shalom!

  2. While Bibles are burned and disrespected all over the islamic world on a daily basis and in the west they are ripped, stored in urine and ridiculed and its considered art, someone dares to say something or do something with the moon god book and its as bad as committing capital murder. I dont give a monkeys what anyone does with this book and as the Pally police dont bother rounding up murderers of jews and when they do they let them go when the press loses its 5 minutes of interest, I hope the israeli plod dont arrest this girl. Israel must stop trying to in over these people cos every concession israel makes is considered weakness and it makes the enemy bolder, an enemy whom still refuses to recognise Israel and teaches her kids to grow up as homicide bombers. I don’t neccassarily agree with what the girl did but I admire her for having the bottle to do something demonstrating she will not bow the knee to moon god or its fiollowers.

  3. Ivar I also normally agree with you. However this time I think it is not wrong to get rid of ‘any’ book. Years ago, I also got rid of many books. I did not want to give them away, less someone would read them and be deceived, thus hardening their hearts to The Truth. I do however believe that many Religious Groups, serve their “god” far more than the Christians. They also have more ‘abhorrence’ on the treatment of The Bible. Just as they seem to care more for their National Flag than the Christians do.

    I do not believe that we should have a “March Festival” to burn, destroy and/or rip apart the enemies books, I would no more think of going into a Mosque to destroy their things, YET, (smile) If I had the ‘anointing upon me’ I’d have no problem..(smile) I do hope this makes sense.. As for Jesus ‘NOT’ telling us to get angry and go whoop the Pharisees & Sadducees, turn over the tables in the Churches …I beg to differ in that act also.

    A years ago there was a Baptist Church, that spoke the Word of God in the Sanctuary. Taught Rick Warren in the Sunday Schools, (all age groups) and ‘turned the entrance way’ into a Huge Book Area so ‘people’ could enjoy when they were not in either of the other teaching areas and/or to borrow them for a few days. Also another area was for ‘purchasing books’…When something was said, about it scriptural it was ‘quickly told’ that was ‘then this is now’ People do things for different reasons, today the Churches of all faiths need to cover expenses it’s all men and women of God who write these books. Later I saw several other denominations doing the same thing ‘profiting on books they sold in the Church’..It’s NOT right. If I had an ounce of a back-bone I should have made far more ‘ta-do’ about it. There is a ‘righteous anger’ we are told ‘be ye angry but sin not’…The area of ‘Porn Magazines’ should also be made ‘very public that is is totally against The Word of God’ …
    Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

  4. I honestly have to say that I do not think it is right to rip up the books you disagree with. Yes it is true that many people have been led astray by the koran but like Jesus said Go forth and make diciples of all nations. We re not going to get anywhere with a group of religous people by condemning them instead we have to love them. I saw an article recently where there were two groups of christians at a muslim convention. One group stood outside pickiting the convention. They got eggs and bottles thrown at them and needed police protection. The other was one man that walked quietly throughout the crowd wearing a t-shirt that said I heart muslims. He handed out over 4000 gospel tracts to muslims. The attitude of love peaked the intrest of many and perhaps brought many to Christ. Which group accomplished more for Jesus?
    We should always stand firm in our belifs that Jesus is the true Lord, however we are not to try and destroy the other religions. They will self destruct in time. Expose the Truth instead.

    1. I believe as Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

      In this subject if and/or any really, when I disagree, enough to say publicly I do not ‘agree’ with you, it does not mean, it has any affect on my belief of you as a Christian, Man or Woman of God whom I can or do share The Word of God with. This subject is not one that will separate a brother or sister in Christ from me! Nor is it a ‘rebuke’…but rather a simple ‘I do not agree’…I am willing even more so eager for any disagreement to come to ‘an agreement’…we all can disagree on something yet it is so much better when we come to an agreement on anything we disagreed with. A few years ago a phrase ‘we can agree to disagree’…No…a better phrase is lets understand why each believe that way, is it Word based or is it, personal belief based. Yours and mine has to be Word based…

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