Tel Aviv vulnerable to ballistic missile strike

Despite threat of war with Syria and Iran, city shelters can only contain tenth of population‬‬.

Iranian missiles can hit anywhere in Israel. Also the center of Tel Aviv.

Over 400,000 people reside in Tel Aviv, and hundreds of thousands enter it each day, but does the city offer them sufficient protection from a possible ballistic missile strike? A review of security measures conducted in light of the looming threat of a confrontation with Syria and Iran has yielded disconcerting findings.

While an Iron Dome battery has recently been installed in central Israel for training purposes, the missile defense system does not offer protection against ballistic missiles. Moreover, shelters in Tel Aviv can only house 40,000 people – a tenth of the population, Ynet has learned.


My comment:

Many materialists and hedonists of Tel Aviv live  in complete denial of the current military reality in the Middle East.  They feel that only cities like Ashkelon and Haifa is within the firing range of Islamic missiles.

The truth is that ballistic missiles from Turkey or Iran, can hit anywhere inside Israel.

To give Judea and Samaria into the hands of Radical Islamic terrorists, will not change the realities in the skies above. Israel will forever be under the threat of total destruction. If it is a Iranian nuke that will do “the job” or a NATO missile, will make no difference.

So what is the solution?

There is only one solution. The return of the Messiah. If necessary, He can catch the missiles when they are flying in mid air.  He is the rock of Israel, the watchman and her protector.

Israel will be left alone against the rats. But behold. God of the Bible is watching. Those who harm the Jews, touches the apple of his eye.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Tel Aviv vulnerable to ballistic missile strike

  1. The whole of Israel is vulnerable to a military strike, but the whole of each nations that set their hypocritical faces against Israel are vulnerable to the greatest judgement and destruction that they have ever known should they decide that they want to try and eradicate the land that YHWH has re-established in the land and city where He put His name. May the Lord give wisdom, courage some some brains to Englands Government but bearing in mind we dont have one I have to say British Government.

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