More political turmoil as Israel’s largest party set to split

Will Benjamin Netanyahu manage to hold the Zionist camp together?

Benjamin Netanyahu face an uphill task to keep his coalition of Zionists together.

It has been a summer of unprecedented political surprises and turmoil in Israel.

The situation is only becoming more volatile as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu nears his long-time goal of breaking apart the opposition Kadima Party, currently the largest Knesset faction.

Netanyahu is presumably still irked by the creation of Kadima in 2005 by Ariel Sharon, the former leader and one of the founders of Netanyahu’s own Likud Party. Kadima is made up of former members of the Likud and the left-wing Labor Party, and has therefore been seen by both sides as disrupting the traditional balance of political power in Israel.

But it appears Netanyahu is just days away from remedying that perceived problem, which reports indicating that at least seven Kadima members of Knesset will defect and return to Likud by this time next week. At least seven Kadima members must agree to leave together. Any fewer would require the MKs to remain with their current party.

Netanyahu reportedly offered cabinet positions to several of the defectors, while Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz accused the prime minister of “the lowest kind of political bribery.

Source: Messianic Magazine, Israel Today

My comment:

There are off course taboos in Israeli politics too.

Kadima was formed based on a split in the Zionist camp, in regards to Gaza. The mainstream Likud party members warned in 2005 against the plan to destroy Jewish property in Gaza.

Ariel Sharon.

The former Party president Ariel Sharon did not  listen to any warnings. He both ordered the destruction of Jewish property in Gaza, and split the Likud party.

Even today, the Kadima leadership wants to see the Likud party split into two, and probably see the whole coalition government fall into pieces.  Such a downfall of parties who support Zionism, can equally become the downfall of the whole state of Israel.

The former “offers” to the enemies of the Jewish homeland to abandon Judea and Samaria, and make it “Judenein” has failed.

Also the offers of dividing Jerusalem have been rejected by the Arabs, who saw the Jewish offer as a sign of weakness. Yasser Arafat miscalculated the situation, refused to take the offer, and opted for the destruction of the whole state of Israel through a campaign of “total Jihad”, also called the second Intifada.

Why should the state of Israel ever repeat the same mistakes all over again?

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “More political turmoil as Israel’s largest party set to split

  1. One question I have. Given that I believe God has restored Israel according to prophecy, what does it mean if the Zionist party loses power? God has put things in motion and the clock is ticking. Even a loss of power should have no significance at this point in history. Everything is working toward that false peace that marks the end.

    1. Dear godsfingers


      Your wrote:

      what does it mean if the Zionist party loses power?

      My comment:

      Zionism rejects the idea of a two-state-solution. And maybe more important. There will never be a “return of Arabs”, in a bid to win over the Jewish people in the war of demographics.

      If Israel leaves Zionism, both of these two options will be on the table. Zionists believe that five million Jews who live in the US must return home, and secure the Jewish homeland. I agree with them.

      I also believe that Zionism will be compromised. It is only Zionism who holds back the man of lawlessness. Before Zionism is compromised, the last man of lawlessness can not enter Jerusalem, and be hailed as a “prince of peace”.

      1. Ah, I wasn’t aware of the US Jews requirement. My thought is that there would need to be a substantial increase of material wealth to entice the Americans to come over. Or, very likely, the US will fall apart and the cushiness of living in the US will no longer be a factor, and the American Jews will run to Israel for protection since persecution ( or blaming) of Jews is on the increase here and the Jihadists will lead the way in driving them out.

  2. ivarf you really need to check this article from the us media and you should write something aboit this dont hold back on this article this is ridiculous. MSNBC Myth vs. truth in the Syrian conflict

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