Arabs: Formation of Israel was a “catastrophe”

20 Palestinians were injured in clashed with Israeli police on the “The Nakba Day”.  People of Ramallah gathered in ” Martyr Yasser Arafat Square”.

Islam wants to destroy Israel, so the “disaster” of 1948 can be turned into a victory of “allah”.

Throughout the so-called ” West Bank”, the PA suspended work and studies to allow the participation of as many Palestinians as possible in the protests and rallies.

Hundreds of Palestinians threw stones and firebombs outside the Ofer Prison adjacent to the Beitunya crossing and IDF and police forces responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and other crowd dispersal means. Approximately 20 Palestinians were injured, according to Army Radio.

In the late morning Tuesday, thousands of Palestinians gathered in Ramallah for a major rally at the Martyr Yasser Arafat Square. The protesters raised black banners and Palestinian flags to mark the event. Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was in attendance.

Source: Jerusalem Post and Haaretz.

My comment:

It is interesting that the leftist newspaper Haaretz tries to downplay the violence as “minor” compared to last year.

It might have been.

But the issues is not the amount on violence among Muslims, in regards to this event.  The interesting aspect, is the very idea that the rebirth of Israel is branded as a “catastrophe”.

For the desert demon “allah” the formation of Israel is a true disaster. Because it proves that “allah” is a demon, and have no real powers. The father of all lies have only come to steal and destroy.

Israel have within 64 years become the only free and democratic nation in the Middle East. Most of the Arabs still live in despotic middle age styled dictatorships.

I guess that is the real disaster.

In stead of blaming the Jews for their problems, they better get rid of their false religion, and clean up their own house.

The Arabs were forced to flee from Israel in 1948, because the Arab nations were going to destroy the Zionist state from its birth. The fleeing Arabs were promised a return immediately after their “great victory” for “allah”.

God the Bible is obviously not of the same opinion as “allah”. And if “allah” is not “god”, than Satan is behind this movement.  Surely and truly.

First published: 16th of May, 2011.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Arabs: Formation of Israel was a “catastrophe”

  1. For Heaven sake…will the Arabs ever stop ‘whinning’…nothing is ever good enough…I don’t recall them ‘ever’ not whining even in The Holy Word of God they whine whine whine….”Will someone ‘please give them some cheese to go with that ever-insestant whine?”….

  2. It does beg the question. How many times do the soldiers of allah have to get beaten by the God of Israel before they finally come to their senses and realise they are following a false god? I hope its not too many more times.

    1. Until they fulfill God’s plan! up to and including killing many, putting many in prison…When God’s appointed time, ‘they all, whether they be Islam, Hindu, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Wiccams, Catholics, Jehovah Witness, any and all who profess they have the answer and way, For it is proven everyone of these change their rules in following God, more than the United States Navy changes their drawers! Until then we who have chosen to not let the things of the World sway us from our single vision of Jesus Christ. Only then will God bring all from all denominations, tribes, nations, languages to Himself from all the ones who have chosen to go the way of Baal.

  3. Dear Ivar,
    (I’m not addressing the subject of this article now.)
    Only – once again – I BEG of you to consider your arab believing brothers and sisters.

    When you write things like ‘Allah is a desert demon’, don’t you realize it’s equal to saying ‘God is a desert demon’!?

    And, once again, I feel compelled to speak up on behalf of our arab believing friends – for whom you create an unnecessary stumbling block. The God of the arabic Bible translations is ‘Allah’, and all arabic speaking believers love Him and worship Him by that name, and by the name of ‘Yesoua al-Massih’.

    (And, apparently, God has seen fit to allow this, and has not, to my knowledge, urged believers to use a different name, any more than He has told English speakers to stop saying ‘God’…)

    I believe it may be a bit out of ‘lazyness’, or simple carelesness, that western Christian believers say things like ‘allah is a desert demon’, and thereby immensely hurt and alienate arab Christian believers.

    I know I’ve begged you to consider this before, and now I have to do it again: Whenever you think of typing something about ‘Allah’ on your keybord – stop for a microsecond to consider if you by this will do justice or harm to arab believers.

    It is a huge difference to say “the god of the Quran is a desert demon”, or “the god of Islam/ allah of islam is so and so…”. In this way you make absolutely sure you are not offending your true brothers and sisters!

    So, please, from here after, will you be more careful about specifying that you are talking about the false god/ allah of the Quran – and NOT God/Allah of the Bible?

    We do not want to further alienate our arab brothers, do we? They are often the ones to pay a higher price than you or I, for sticking to the faith.

    sincerely, whith love, Ingela

    1. Ingela


      Love and grace to you.

      Elohim Israel is the only true God. Elohim is a plural word. God of the Hebrews, is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One God. The creator.

      Let there be no doubt:

      An Arab named Muhammad is a false prophet. He got his revelations in the desert, and was entertained by demons. His revelations are gathered in a book named the Koran.

      Do you agree to this?

      Kindly let me know.

  4. Ivar, I absolutely agree whith you on your question.

    The god of the Qur’an is in essence a false god, since the Qur’an totally rejects Jesus as God, or even Son of God, or even dying on the cross.

    Among the islamic ‘nine and ninety names of god’ there are quite a few that are biblical – probably most of them – but there are some names that do not represent the God of the Bible.

    And, naturally, the name of Jesus is totally out of the picture.

    And, even if the Qur’an accepts and revers Abraham, it then goes on to take the side of Ishmael, and rejects Isaac and the rest of the fathers – as well as rejecting Israel as God’s covenant people (like so many others).

    The Qur’an also rejects christians, and calls them unbelievers etc…

    [This may have been caused by the kind of ‘christianity’ that Muhammad came into contact whith on the Arabian peninsula – one which revered Mary as the ‘mother of God’, etc. So, in a way he rightfully rejected that sort of ‘holy family’ constellation… No wonder he so strongly went against ‘trinity’ if this is what he understood: Father – mother – son (Horus – Isis -Set).]

    So, even though muslims (and sometimes christians) seem to think that we all worship the same God, the Creator, and the God of Abraham (the so called ‘Abrahamic faiths’), it soon stands clear that god as portrayed in the Qur’an is a false representation of the One, true God of Israel.

    (Just as, for example, mormons think we speak of the same God, when in reality, their understanding of God is completely unbiblical.)

    And, to any Spirit filled, born again believer, it also quickly becomes clear what kind of spirit lies behind Islam: It’s the same powers that also present the ‘father – mother – son’ cult as Christian!
    I.e. a false god, a false gospel, and in effect, no hope of salvation.

    Hope this answers your question.


    (But my earlier comment to you was not dealing whith the god of the Qur’an, but rather whith “God” or “Allah” of Israel and the Bible!)

  5. To Ingela, allah is not ELOHIM, allah is a demon principality / demon god, also known in the Old Testament as the ”prince of persia whom the arch angel Michael warred against, the same principality demon that tried to prevent the angel Gabriel from delivering a message from YWHW to Daniel in the book of Daniel, Allah is also known as Baal, allah IS NOT JEHOVAH, GOD OF ISRAEL and the LORD revealed this to me more than 20 years ago after l kept asking who allah was, because l knew in my spirit as a born again, water baptized and Holy spirit filled daughter of YWHW that allah and YWHW ARE NOT THE SAME GOD.
    Allah aka, prince of persia, aka baal, is a principality demon who rules over the entire Middle East>
    Apart from being called and anointed as a Prophetess of YWHW, according to the word of YWHW and confirmed according to the scriptures,, my main ministry on a daily basis is that of Deliverance and Healing, so l am speaking from more than 45 years of knowing the LORD as my Saviour and many years in the above ministries..

    Those precious Arab people who accept that JESUS is the MESSIAH and their Saviour cannot continue to call or refer to ELOHIM, YWHW, as allah, because ELOHIM is not allah and when they fully understand that they will never again refer to ELOHIM our creator as allah. The Spirit of YWHW, which we know as the Holy Spirit reveals to them that allah IS NOT JEHOVAH. You cannot serve two masters, even here in South Africa, many Muslims are totally ostracized and kicked out of their families and often loose EVERYTHING that they have, when they convert to Christianity, some are even killed, as is happening everyday in most other Arab countries when Muslims convert to Christianity.

  6. Dear Dezsi,
    have you really read my comment properly?

    The god/ allah of the Qur’an is as you describe him. I totally agree.
    The spirit behind Islam is nothing but demonic in origin.
    (Just like mormonism pretends to be Christian, but is equally demonic.)

    If anyone would ever invent a religion that was as hostile as possible to the God of the Bible, to the jewish people as God’s covenant people (because of the forefathers), to Jesus the Messiah, and to the death and resurrection of Christ for our salvation – you would have Islam.

    However, you seem to be a little misinformed when it comes to Arab, Christian believers in the Middle East.
    From what you write, it would seem as if you think the only arab believers are converts from a muslim background?

    (Is this your South African perspective? Do you personally know any Arab believers? have you spent any time in the Middle east?)

    In this case, you totally ignore all of the Christian populations throughout the entire Middle East!

    There have always been arab Christian populations throughout the Middle East (long before Islam). Remember – one of the languages spoken at pentecost was Arabic! (not English) And there were most probably arab speakers among those firstfruits of three thousand born again and baptised on Pentecost!

    (I even believe there have been arabic Bible translations around much earlier than even the first English one – but I might be mistaken on that point?)

    God has been faithful also to the descendants of Isma’il, and has not left the Middle East without a Christian witness.

    Now, the largest percentage of the Middle East’s Christians are the ‘historic churches’. And how ‘Christian’ these are is topic for another discussion. But there is also a considerable evangelical presence throughout the Arab world. And in the Arabian Peninsula, where the ‘traditional churches’ arent as prevalent, the Christians are to a much greater extent made up of evangelical believers (churches both above, and under ground).

    Now, just as you in English would say ‘God’ for God, so Arab believers say ‘Allah’ for God.
    When English bibles read “For God so loved the world…”,
    Arab bibles read:”Hakadha ahabba llahu l3alam..”

    The linguistic terms are interchangeable. Please, please, all uninformed western Christians – accept the facts! Don’t add insult to injury to our Arab believing brothers and sisters!

    Let me finish by summarizing:
    ‘God’ in Arabic is ‘Allah’. Everytime anyone says ‘Allah’ they mean ‘God’. (Or if you will ‘god’.)
    (Just like anyone – believer or unbeliever – using the English ‘God’ means ‘God’ (or if you will, ‘god’.)

    But does this mean that every time anyone says ‘God’, it refers to God of the Bible?
    Or, that every time someone says ‘Allah’, it refers to the ‘god’ of the Qur’an?

    We all know there are many false ‘gods’ out there. (The Qr’ans version being one of them.) But just because ‘God’ is depicted in western culture as a santa-like, old man on a cloud – does this mean we should never use the term as believers?

    sincerely in love, Ingela [Sweden]

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