500 Syrian soldiers enters no-mans land at the Golan

Israel complaint after Syrian security forces violating agreement signed in 1974 at Golan Heights.

The border at the Golan Heights was hot a year ago. And it can quickly become hot again.

Syrian army forces crossed the demilitarized zone near the border with Israel in the Golan Heights last week, a highly unusual incident, on what is considered a quiet  border.

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

There is surely a cold peace, and less military activity on the Golan Heights.

But it seems that most us us have forgotten, that 16th of May 2001, a dozen Syrians died in clashes on the Golan Heights on the Nakba day.

Based on an Islamic agenda, all Arabs were called to run down the border fences around Israel.

As soon as the Assad regime falls, there will be more Islamic Jihad soldiers to the border with Israel. Like in 1948, 1967 and 1973 they will wait for the trumpet call, where the Pan Arabs again will try to destroy Israel.

But as a  Messianic pastor spoke in Jerusalem last Sabbath.
– If the Arabs wants to destroy Israel, they should read Jeremiah 31 and shudder. God of the Bible has a simple message to such fools. – You first have to kill me.  Because the sun is not going to stop shining before the return of the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “500 Syrian soldiers enters no-mans land at the Golan

  1. The age old tactic of blaming israel for every catastrophe, shark attack and ingrowing toenail will surely once again be tried by Syria, I’m surprised it has taken so long but Syria is surely bound to target Israel in order to take attention from Assad and try and unite the people with a common goal. We int he west surely know that all the bad press Syria is getting would change if Syria attacked Israel and Israel retaliated, Israel would then be vilified in the media and Syria would become whiter than white.

  2. How do you know the rebels in Syria aren’t insurgents? Nato forces have been in the middle east over 10 years training middle easterners. The rebels must be very well armed and funded to take on the syrian army.

  3. This is probably why sudden itching and signs of infection is plaging Israeli soldiers in that area. Sounds like chemical weapons have been released. Let us pray for the Israeli people. ynet has an article on this .

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