Mortar explodes near Israel-Syria border

Projectile lands on Syrian side of border fence within demilitarized zone limits. IDF says fire not directed at Israel‬‬. Syria fighting edges closer: A mortar shell exploded on the Syrian side of the Israel- Syria border Monday evening. The projectile landed within the demilitarized zone’s limits, about 400 meters from the border fence. Source:… Read More Mortar explodes near Israel-Syria border

500 Syrian soldiers enters no-mans land at the Golan

Israel complaint after Syrian security forces violating agreement signed in 1974 at Golan Heights. Syrian army forces crossed the demilitarized zone near the border with Israel in the Golan Heights last week, a highly unusual incident, on what is considered a quiet  border. Source: Haaretz My comment: There is surely a cold peace, and less… Read More 500 Syrian soldiers enters no-mans land at the Golan

Arabs: Formation of Israel was a “catastrophe”

20 Palestinians were injured in clashed with Israeli police on the “The Nakba Day”.  People of Ramallah gathered in ” Martyr Yasser Arafat Square”. Throughout the so-called ” West Bank”, the PA suspended work and studies to allow the participation of as many Palestinians as possible in the protests and rallies. Hundreds of Palestinians threw… Read More Arabs: Formation of Israel was a “catastrophe”