No International outcry over Ariel university upgrade

Decision to make college in West Bank settlement into full-fledged university passes quietly despite protest warnings.

There are 13.000 students at the University of Ariel, hardly 25 minutes drive from Tel Aviv.


Tuesday’s decision to upgrade the status of the Ariel college to that of a university did not evoke international condemnation on Wednesday, even though some warned of a wave of protests because the school is located in a settlement.

One Foreign Ministry official said that no governmental condemnation was registered in any of the major capitals around the world about the matter.

One reason given for the silence – despite the fact that condemnations are routinely issued in various capitals where there is any announcement of building or plans to build beyond the Green Line – is that while the status of the Ariel University Center might change, nothing is changing on the ground.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Israelis are so used to criticism of Zionism, than they do not get surprised if the whole World tries to curse them. They are rather taken by surprise by silence.

I have visited the city of Ariel in Samaria. It is hardly 25 minutes drive from Tel Aviv. It is tragic that any true Jew can brand this city as “occupied foreign land”.  The distance from Tel Aviv to Ariel is shorter than the distance to Haifa.

Samaria is Jewish land as anything Jewish inside the state of Israel. When Ariel was rebuilt after the war of independence, there was not a single Arab soul living in this area. The hills were wasteland, and not populated. Only when the city grew and prospered, radical followers of Islam started to claim the land were theirs. Such claims is based on lies and fraud.

Please support the people of Ariel. Support the Jewish people’s right to live in Samaria, their ancient property they were set to be good caretakers of, a covenant established by God of the Bible.

Written by Ivar

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