University in Ariel to get 50 million shekels from Zionist minister

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz recognizes the University in Ariel in Samaria. They will receive 50 million fresh shekels.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz is a committed Zionist. He supports the University in Ariel.

The editorial heads of Jerusalem Post still support Zionism. In the Tuesday editor, the editorial gives a solid support for the Jews of Ariel.

This is what the Chief Editor Steve Linde has approved:

” Some cowardly Israeli academics oppose the idea of forming an Israeli University beyond the gee line. Because doing so might increase calls for International academia to boycott other existing and proven Israeli Institutions”.

The newspaper reports that Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz refuse to boycott the university in Ariel. To the radical opposite: On Sunday he wrote a letter to Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar, recognizing the Ariel University Center with its 13.000 students. The Ministry of Finance also granted the university 50 million fresh shekels.

Source: Editorial in Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

As a Christian Zionist, I rejoice of the Zionist commitments of the present Likud led government of Israel.

I also rejoice when I see the Zionist commitments of the editorial heads of the Jerusalem Post.

We should take notice of the language used in this editorial.  To call academics in Israel for “cowards” is a non diplomatic language. It is yet another example of the political debate in Israel getting hotter, and the divide’s wider.

True Jews and truth seekers among secular Zionists will recognize Ariel as a part of Israel, equally Jewish as the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

 Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

If Ariel is not a fully integrated part of the state of Israel, the Jewish homeland has no proper Biblical based foundation.  It will fall when the stormy weathers will get to rough.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “University in Ariel to get 50 million shekels from Zionist minister

  1. I have learned the hard way, what a true ‘Diplomatic Language’ really is…”A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down, go down, go down’…Thus a little bit of lies helps the Diplomatic Agenda get passed..It will come out eventually that when ‘any Bills are passed, they will pick a few to squawk over while they ‘sneakily (spelled Snake) pass the ones they want passed.. Where with Jesus, His Word is Open for all to read, like or dislike…it stands whether we like it or not…if we are ‘His’ we love it..if we are not ‘we’ll squawk over rights for this and rights for that….If any don’t believe me, just listen to the ‘rhetoric of the Republican and Democratic Parties Agenda to ‘Fix things for everyone’ and ‘Take America back’…”A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down, go down, go down’

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