Sweden to try to break navel blockade of Gaza

A sail ship from Sweden is about to sail 5000 miles to Gaza in a bid to break the Israeli naval blockage.

This sail boat is set to challenge the Israeli naval blockage of the Islamic terrorist regime in Gaza.

9th of July, the sailing ship Estelle visited the harbor in Stockholm. The swedish crew is abut to set sail for Gaza.

This is written on their web site:

Estelle, our beautiful sailing ship, is going to play a key role in Ship to Gaza’s renewed attempt to break the blockade on Gaza.

This summer, we and our European partner organizations will be launching an entirely new project. This time, we are going to sail from Umeå [in northern Sweden] to Gaza, stopping on the way at ports in the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

We need your support in order to implement our peaceful, humanitarian project in the name of freedom and justice.

Please get involved with one of our local groups or make a donation. Or better yet; do both. The distance from Umeå to Gaza City is approximately 5,000 nautical miles.

Each nautical mile costs 1,000 SEK, and buyers will be issued a handsome certificate as proof of their solidarity. Smaller donations will be appreciated as well, of course.

Source: Shiptogaza.se.

My comment:

You need to see some humor in this kind of political activism.

I hope and pray that the ship wont sink inside the harbor of Stockholm. Because the money they try to raise might be needed for regular maintenance.

If they set sail for the Atlantic, I hope they will not end up on the bottom of the sea.

In regards to Sweden, I regret this act of war against Israel. The Israeli naval blockade of Gaza is in all manners inline with International law.

That Sweden do not support the only democracy in the Middle East, says a lot about the regime that rules in Stockholm.

That Sweden equip and bless a ship to set sail to support the Islamic rabid killers and murders of Hamas, is a horrible mistake that will bring more curses down on the Swedish people who support this ship of fools.

Written by Ivar

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