Heavy machine gun fire out of Gaza

Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip on monday after more than one week of silence.

The Hamas has in its charter promised to destroy them selves, in a bid to get rid of Israel. The politics of suicide.

However, this time it was different. Palestinian snipers shot a volley of seven 15mm projectiles to Yad Mordechai, hitting several cars and damaging restaurants and stores. Orly Halevi, who was dining in one of the restaurants, told the newspaper IsraelHayom it was a sheer miracle no one was hurt.

Apart from that, two mortar shells were fired on a Jewish town at the edge of the Gaza Strip but they ended up striking a Palestinian area near the Israeli border. Initially, the police were of the opinion that those were 12.7 mm projectiles, however, their range of fire is only about 2 km. The range of the 15 mm projectiles is much higher und they were fired on Israel in the past as well. According to the police the blind attack was not target oriented since there is no free line of sight for targeting out of the Gaza Strip to Yad Mordechai.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

I wonder what Americans would have done, if their local WallMart had been peppered with machine gun fire across the border from Mexico.

In particular if the Islamic and Catholic world had told the US citizens, that Washington had to promptly return the city of San Diego back to the Mexican’s.

The hypocrisy in the World comes unlimited, as soon as the state of Israel is involved.  While the UN, the US and the EU should have removed the cancer called Hamas from power in Gaza, the global super powers rather support this evil.

Read my lips.  No more support. At lest not form my pockets.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Heavy machine gun fire out of Gaza

  1. Ivar you said..I wonder what Americans would have done, if their local Wall-Mart had been peppered with machine gun fire across the border from Mexico….as I was reading this, I was wondering the same thing….or even being attacked, gun fire, anything across the border from Canada…or …across the water from Russia…into Alaska…it behooves me to think this ‘terrorist search’ is so difficult…Use to be when people did this, they went after the Country..but I’m told Ohhh Nooo that would not be fare, yet time has proved these same terrorist ‘do’ come from countries that hate Israel, and hate Jesus! but hey, America is downplaying all that is Holy so it makes one feel like a News paper reporter..always wondering Who, What, When, Why, Where…and it all stems back to hating Israel and Hating Jesus!

  2. Hmmm, no mention of this from the news in England, however I suspect that if Israel had of retaliated the news would have reported that Israel had attacked gaza,

    1. Tommy isn’t it great when we know the rules…haha…the World changes their rules all the time…

      Malachi 3.6 For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed

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