Sweden to try to break navel blockade of Gaza

A sail ship from Sweden is about to sail 5000 miles to Gaza in a bid to break the Israeli naval blockage.

This sail boat is set to challenge the Israeli naval blockage of the Islamic terrorist regime in Gaza.

9th of July, the sailing ship Estelle visited the harbor in Stockholm. The swedish crew is abut to set sail for Gaza.

This is written on their web site:

Estelle, our beautiful sailing ship, is going to play a key role in Ship to Gaza’s renewed attempt to break the blockade on Gaza.

This summer, we and our European partner organizations will be launching an entirely new project. This time, we are going to sail from Umeå [in northern Sweden] to Gaza, stopping on the way at ports in the Baltic Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

We need your support in order to implement our peaceful, humanitarian project in the name of freedom and justice.

Please get involved with one of our local groups or make a donation. Or better yet; do both. The distance from Umeå to Gaza City is approximately 5,000 nautical miles.

Each nautical mile costs 1,000 SEK, and buyers will be issued a handsome certificate as proof of their solidarity. Smaller donations will be appreciated as well, of course.

Source: Shiptogaza.se.

My comment:

You need to see some humor in this kind of political activism.

I hope and pray that the ship wont sink inside the harbor of Stockholm. Because the money they try to raise might be needed for regular maintenance.

If they set sail for the Atlantic, I hope they will not end up on the bottom of the sea.

In regards to Sweden, I regret this act of war against Israel. The Israeli naval blockade of Gaza is in all manners inline with International law.

That Sweden do not support the only democracy in the Middle East, says a lot about the regime that rules in Stockholm.

That Sweden equip and bless a ship to set sail to support the Islamic rabid killers and murders of Hamas, is a horrible mistake that will bring more curses down on the Swedish people who support this ship of fools.

Written by Ivar

Heavy machine gun fire out of Gaza

Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip on monday after more than one week of silence.

The Hamas has in its charter promised to destroy them selves, in a bid to get rid of Israel. The politics of suicide.

However, this time it was different. Palestinian snipers shot a volley of seven 15mm projectiles to Yad Mordechai, hitting several cars and damaging restaurants and stores. Orly Halevi, who was dining in one of the restaurants, told the newspaper IsraelHayom it was a sheer miracle no one was hurt.

Apart from that, two mortar shells were fired on a Jewish town at the edge of the Gaza Strip but they ended up striking a Palestinian area near the Israeli border. Initially, the police were of the opinion that those were 12.7 mm projectiles, however, their range of fire is only about 2 km. The range of the 15 mm projectiles is much higher und they were fired on Israel in the past as well. According to the police the blind attack was not target oriented since there is no free line of sight for targeting out of the Gaza Strip to Yad Mordechai.

Source: Israel Today

My comment:

I wonder what Americans would have done, if their local WallMart had been peppered with machine gun fire across the border from Mexico.

In particular if the Islamic and Catholic world had told the US citizens, that Washington had to promptly return the city of San Diego back to the Mexican’s.

The hypocrisy in the World comes unlimited, as soon as the state of Israel is involved.  While the UN, the US and the EU should have removed the cancer called Hamas from power in Gaza, the global super powers rather support this evil.

Read my lips.  No more support. At lest not form my pockets.

Written by Ivar

Sweden a new pit of Jew-hate

Human rights organization issues travel advisory because Jews in Sweden “have been subject to anti-Semitic taunts and harassment.”

The rise of Islam in Sweden, force Jews to leave. Here are the dhimme police in action in Malmø.

This story is from 16th of December 2010. But it fits in the picture, with the new enforcement of Sharia Laws in Swedish sports.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Los Angeles-based human rights organization, has taken the unusual step of issuing a travel advisory about security concerns in Sweden because of growing anti-Jewish discrimination.

During a meeting on Tuesday with Sweden’s Justice Minister Beatrice Ask in Stockholm, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, and Dr. Shimon Samuels, who oversees the center’s International Relations department, outlined the reasons for the travel advisory.

We reluctantly are issuing this advisory because religious Jews and other members of the Jewish community there have been subject to anti-Semitic taunts and harassment. There have been dozens of incidents reported to the authorities but have not resulted in arrests or convictions for hate crimes”, said the two Wiesenthal Center representatives in a statement.

Cooper and Samuels added that “a contributing factor to this decision has been the outrageous remarks of Malmö mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who blames the Jewish community for failing to denounce Israel.

The advisory aimed at Jewish travelers urges extreme caution when visiting southern Sweden.

It is not connected to this week’s terrorist bombing in the heart of Stockholm. Critics have accused Reepalu of failing to protect Malmö’s tiny Jewish population from anti-Semitic violence and stoking hatred of Israel.

Writing earlier this year in The Wall Street Journal Europe, Daniel Schwammenthal , an editorial writer for paper, noted that “faced with these attacks on the city’s Jewish population, Malmö’s mayor, Ilmar Reepalu, seems curiously unperturbed by, if not sympathetic to, the attackers.”

While screaming “Sieg Heil” and “Hitler, Hitler” in 2009, a violent mob of Swedish Muslims launched bottles and stones at a pro-Israel demonstration attended by a small number of Jews in the central square of Malmö. Media reports have documented widespread harassment of Jews and Jewish children have routinely been called “dirty Jews.”

Many of Malmö’s Jews have fled the city because of the ubiquitous anti-Semitism. In 2009, there was a 50 per cent increase of anti-Semitic attacks when compared to 2008. Approximately 20% of Malmö’s 290,000 residents are Muslims, most of whom are Swedish Arabs.

The Jewish community registered under 700 Jews earlier this year but the number has steadily decreased due to anti-Jewish hostility and a local government, which, according to critics, foments modern anti-Semitism.

Source: Jerusalem Post

Contributed by Ivar

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