Obama thanked Medvedev for his support and “flexibility”

Some time back, Obama spoke the truth for open microphone.

God of the Bible is good. Thank you Jesus.

He exposes the ongoing lies, cheating, hypocrisy and games.

Those who pay attention, and are not lukewarm, will both understand and act.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Obama thanked Medvedev for his support and “flexibility”

  1. He’s getting pretty good at this ”slip” on several occasions to several people about several things…hmm?? He’s almost as good as Pat Robinson in his ”slips”…then recants them when any negative responses..hmmm? I guess lies do come in colors…white lies, black lies, Little lies, Fibs in all sizes..even teenie weenie lies, So goes the American Dream to take America back where she was….hmm? Back to where?? How far back?? (smile) Have no fear someone will convince the masses America was founded on and by Honest, Righteous, and God-fearing Family Men of integrity!! Yet Jesus said the World is Wicked!

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