Gadaffi is dead: Long live Gadaffi

The amount of hypocrisy shown by the World in regards to Colonel Gaddafi is amazing.

South Africa will have to swallow a couple of camel’s. They supported Gadaffi also after Tripoli fell a couple of months ago.

Colonel Gaddafi has been a mad man for many years. Still World leaders treated his as a Royal, and a dear brother. For Washington he was a man who could do their dirty work. Islamic warriors who the CIA was not authorized to torture, were sent to Tripoli for proper “treatment”.

Islamic Jihad have been wanting the head of Gadaffi for many years. Now Obama and NATO have given them Colonel on a golden platter.

Here are some pictures of how the World leader should remember the man they just killed using a NATO aircraft. The man with the golden gun was silenced by excessive force.

Gaddafi had excellent relations with Putin. Russia did not join the Islamic Jihad against the Libyan dictator, put rather supported the “Light of Tripoli”.
The Italian President and Colonel Gadaffi shared unlimited access to available women.
Red carpet and guard of honor for the Libyan dictator in Rome.
Tony Blair and Gadaffi become good friends over an oil deal, and the release of the Lockerbie terrorist.
The Arab League loved Gadaffi as one of their true sons and spiritual leaders.
Gadaffi supported Yasser Arafat. The PLO terrorists found shelter in Tripoli.
The Colonel was madly in love with Condoleezza Rice.
Putin visited the tent of the mad colonel when the Libyan dictator paid New York City a visit.
Sarkozy will miss the money the Libyan dictator pumped into France by massive private investments.
Obama was the man who decided time was up for Gadaffi. The US President had to do something to please Islamic Jihad.
Mild applause for Gadaffi in the UN. His speeches were never too short, and full of baloney stuff.
Once a leader who wined and dined in Paris. Gadaffi lost his good friends, who finally murdered him.

The mad Colonel was a brutal killer. And those who wined and dined with him all have blood on their hands.

First published: 21.10.2011.

Written by Ivar

16 thoughts on “Gadaffi is dead: Long live Gadaffi

  1. Gaddafi was a power-hungry torrent who let his citizens die rather than step down from office. He needed to get out of office, BUT: that does not mean that the world should be hypocritical. World leaders condoned his past actions but then agree with the rebels who were protesting his past actions. Which side is anyone on???

  2. All through The Bible it’s the same thing, one king knocking off another king or getting someone else to do it for them..Jesus said ‘The World loves their own’..(best not be loved by the world ..(smile) it’s a fickle love and very dangerous ..(smile). One thing for certain..this murdering man now knows the truth and he isn’t getting 70 Virgins (sic and twisted people offering that and/or as a reason to kill others). And this country whores around with these sick-O’s. I see no difference between the murdered or the murderer or the ones who set it up!

    1. WOW!! Andrea, I applaud you – that so true, I thought of the as I read this article ” Friends … really??? or Foes ??? ” – Yeshua warned us clearly to be watchful always, right from Genesis to Revelation. That’s why we need to have that discernment from G-d – of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.


    1. Roger check out the Cartoon for today…that this sites put out for 10-21-11 …Truth is Amazing! That’s where we are and Thank God, someone had the obedience to The Holy Spirit to say so Cartoon form…so many fear man more than God!

    1. Be careful what you say and who you call Stupid, Sweetheart….for The One who IS THE JUDGE of all people hears you… We don’t want to stand before Him with accusatory remarks that are not true…for No LIARS will enter The Kingdom of God nor be translated into The Kingdom of His Dear Son, Jesus Christ. Until you know a thing for sure, the ‘beginning and the end of a matter’ you really need to exercise some restraint. I will be praying for you.

  3. Long live Gaddafi? Where? In his heaven?

    Well, maybe with, let’s say, 30 virgins? because he already had 40 virgins (his body guards) while on earth.

    Now about wine I can’t say much except that he must have had plenty while on earth as he was one of the kings of the earth – so I guess now he can eat the clouds.

  4. Gaddafi’s legend has now grown. They did for him what he could not do while he lived made him immortal. More people are reading the green book and listening to his words. Gaddafi is our new Martin Luther King. A martyr for all of our sins. Viva Gaddafi!! Viva the jamahiriya!!!!!

      1. Dear Tellah Troothe.


        You comments have been published just to expose the hell bound filthy worshipers of the anything evil. You have to repent, my friend. Or you will burn in Hell for eternity.

        The good News is that Jesus the Messiah died for you also. He nailed your sins to the cross, and shed His blood for your redemption. Give you life to Jesus today.

        If I do not see sign of repentance, you next message will be spammed.

  5. You idiotic mindless television suckling infantile buffoon. We don’t need CNN’s theatrical and dramatic LIES to be regurgitated when we have you do it well. You’d be WISE to research Gaddafi instead of getting it from the media and the power hungry imperialist prostitutes (“rebels”). He aligned with ANTI-IMPERIALISM and unless you are in the 1% you CLOWN you will be fucked just like him if you don’t continue to kiss their ass.

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