Vatican pressure on Yad Vashem on Pope Pius XII

The Vatican wants to canonize Hitlers Pope. The Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem gives in to pressure and change a historical text.

Achbishop Eugenio Pacelli was the Vatican’s representative in Berlin from 1920 onwards. He became Pope in 1939.

Israel’s national Holocaust memorial has toned down its account of Pope Pius XII’s conduct toward the massacre of Jews during of World War II, following a long diplomatic dispute with the Vatican.

The new text, headlined, “The Vatican,” retains the criticism, but it adds his supporters’ position that Pius’ silence in condemning the murder of Jews was not a moral failure but a tactic that prevented harsher measures against church institutions, enabling church officials to carry out secret rescue missions.

Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII, signs the “Reichskonkordat” with the national socialist government under Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1933.

For years, Yad Vashem has urged the Vatican to open its wartime archives to historians, but Franco said that is years away.

Only when all material is available will a clearer picture emerge,” the memorial said.

The controversy over Pius’ conduct has grown hotter over Vatican efforts to beatify him.

Jewish leaders have asked the Vatican to freeze steps toward his sainthood until the complete set of Vatican archives is opened to scholars.

Pius’ supporters argue that many of the documents are already available.

The contention over Pius lingers after half a century of dramatic advances in relations between Catholics and Jews. In 1965, the Vatican rejected 2,000 years of Catholic teachings that Jews were collectively responsible for the death of Christ.

And after decades of reluctance, the Vatican recognized Israel in 1993, followed up by Pope John Paul II’s official visit to Israel in 2000, which included a stop at Yad Vashem. The current pope, Pope Benedict XVI, visited in 2009.

Source: Huffington Post.

My comment:

It is regrettable that the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem let the Roman Catholic Church use them to whitewash the crimes of Pope Pius XII.

I understand that the Museum has only changed some details in the text about this war time criminal. But still.

In a bid to remove Jewish opposition to the canonization of Hitler’s Pope, the Vatican has released 60.000 war documents.  The documents have been carefully selected and given to loyal Order brothers, who have presented to Yad Vasem some lines that portray Pius XII in a positive light.

The problem with such “research”, is that is is based on fraud. Because the Vatican refuse to open the full World War II archives for neutral historians.

The truth about Hitler’s Pope is painful, and can never be denied by honest people.  The Vatican it self was established based on a “peace agreement” with Benito Mussolini in 1929. The Fascist dictator gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood, in exchange for support for the Fascist regime.

After being exiled for 59 years, the Pope was brought back to Rome by the fascists. Mussolini needed to indoctrinate the Italians, and enforced Catholicism as the state religion in the Fascist empire.

Read more about the exile of the Pope

Hitlers Pope signed a similar deal with Nazi-Germany. The Roman Catholic’s closed down their political parties, and joined the Nazi-party. In exchange, the Pope got Hitlers blessings to run Catholic institutions without interference from the totalitarian regime.

As long as Nazi-Germany won great battles, there was no need to criticize Hitler. The Pope seems to be on the winning team, and the Protestants in England and the free World on the loosing foot.

But after the fall of Stalingrad in December 1942,  the Pope needed to play on both sides in case Mussolini and Hitler was going to be defeated.

Any document used to proof Pius XII’s helped Jews, must be read as a bid to whitewash 20 years of Vatican support of Fascism, before Hitler was pushed back from Russian soil.

Let nobody fool you to delete the truth about the Vatican-Nazi nexus.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Vatican pressure on Yad Vashem on Pope Pius XII

  1. My first response to these lying men, is ‘Hog-spit’ …everyone of them…they will white-wash their selves till ‘many’ believe them..just like and no less hands full of blood as Rick Warren in his ploy to ‘explain God’s Word’ to many Church Leaders..I believe they both are in cahoots with each other to bring about this Unity Poison from the pit of Hell! It will all come out in the wash…!! Boy the Catholics are working overtime to get their Brownie Points for all faiths to follow them and/or let them rule the roosts!

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