A ride in a bullet proof buss to visit my friend in Samaria

Few tourists travels by buss north of Jerusalem. But I wanted to visit my Jewish friend.

The buss from Jerusalem to Ofra must be protected by the IDF to avoid attacks from Arab terrorists.

Have you ever reflected on why Kings and Presidents travels in Bullet proof cars?

I guess its because some people wants to shoot them…

I guess you have never travelled in a bullet proof buss. To visit my Jewish friend who live 28 kilometers north of Jerusalem, I did not have any other options. Funny that only the Jews need to sit behind glasses that can not be penetrated by bullets?

The Muslims on the same high way on the Mountains of Zion can travel north of Jerusalem, without the risk of being assassinated. They can take rest, fully aware that the Jewish people do not indulge in terrorism against civilians. Only when Jews have been killed by Islamic terrorists, the Israeli security forces gets into action and bring the criminals to silence.

In the buss seat in front of me, a Jewish mother was playing with here baby girl. When I addressed her, she smiled. My message was simple: «Happy Independence day». She was on her way home for the grill party. Her Jewish neighborhood is on a hill, surrounded by Arab villages. I asked my friend:

– What if we by mistake drive into a village with Arab Palestinians?

He replied:

– We would not have been invited for dinner. The youth would immediately picked up stones, and hurdle them on us.

The so-called Jewish settlements north of Jerusalem is portrayed as a treat to World peace. But while the Jews are not using fire arms without being shoot at first, their Arab «peace partners» use snipers to fire on innocent women on their way home in public busses.

No Arab house have been destroyed by Jews in Samaria. The Jews have come home from all nations, and have build new houses on not populated hill tops. 3.000 years ago, Samaria was already a part of the Biblical heartland of the Jewish people. A Jew called Jesus walk on these roads, without using a bullet proof west.

Why can the World not discern the difference between the aggressors and the defenders?

Please invite President Obama, and send him on a buss ride to find out for him self. Give him a Hebrew Bible and some grilled kebabs. Than drive him into an Arab village and directly back to the stone age….

First published 06.05.2010.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “A ride in a bullet proof buss to visit my friend in Samaria

  1. You are doing a great work here in this site.. keep on keeping on May Yahshauah bless you so much in this life and at the BEMA. This is one of my very favorites sites to get info that is worth sharing with the world! GREAT JOB IVAR

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