Global Church wants full union with an antichrist in Rome

Overcoming division within the Christian family is essential to ensuring the saving message of Christ continues to be heard.

Secretary General of the LWF Martin Junge seeks full umion with Rome.

During the 15th to 20th of June conference of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in Bogota in Columbia,  the Vatican promoted Church unity.

This is what the Vatican representative Monsignor Dr Matthias Türk told the LWC gathering:

 “Many people today are concerned by the central question about God and redemption. This is the most important ground for an authentic Christian witness towards the world and society, and also a challenge of seeking full, visible church unity,” said Türk on behalf of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.

Also the World Methodist Council promotes union with Rome:

 Rev. Levy Bastos of the World Methodist Council said the theme of the LWF meeting, “Together for a just, peaceful and reconciled world,” offered a clear vision of the Lutheran spirit and drive for peace and justice, which in the Latin American context had inspired work for democracy and social justice in the last three decades.

The Chairperson of the Lutheran World Council also wants the Pentecostals to chose union with Rome:

In a greeting read to the Council, Jean-Daniel Plüss, co-chairperson of the Lutheran-Pentecostal Study Group 2004-2010, expressed confidence that an official dialogue between Lutherans and Pentecostals would be a blessing for both communities.

He emphasized the “great interest” and commitment expressed by Pentecostal churches to continue the bilateral conversations on an official level, adding, “We live in a world where we do not have the luxury to neglect each other as the tasks at hand are so great and the needs are so real.”

Source: the

My comment:

Martin Luther and all the Church reformers called the Pope in Rome and antichrist.

Most of the so-called evangelical leaders are now wiling to delete all the knowledge and wisdom that was gained during the Reformation, and bring their Churches back into darkness.

This is a huge spiritual tragedy. Many Christians wonder why their churches has lost the blessings from heaven. The carnal and approach unity with the Vatican, will surely be one of the reasons.

 Revelation 17:5

6 I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.

The Bible speaks about the Mother Church of all Harlots, the spiritual Babylon. And sine the Roman Catholic Church claim to be the mother of all “Churches”, all who moves back in union with her are the harlot daughters. They came out from Rome, and they will return.

 Many Protestant reformers, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer, John Thomas, John Knox, and Cotton Mather, identified the Roman Papacy as the Antichrist.

Source: The Antichrist and the Protestant Reformation

It seems that all the mainline Churches are on their way back under the Papacy. Some Baptist denomination follow suit, and even many Pentecostals. But within all Churches there are faithful Christians who voice their disagreement. They will be persecuted, and refused to testify and teach in many fellowships.

There has always been an Apostolic Baptist Church, that has never accepted Rome as anything than the seat of an antichrist.  The gates of Hell and Rome will never prevail against this church. Neither persecution, nor temptations.

Keep on telling the truth about the Church of Antichrist of Rome, and all who corrupt her self under the throne of the Papacy.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Global Church wants full union with an antichrist in Rome

  1. Shalom
    Sure, it is the truth,
    Because the Roman “Antichrist” -Vatican- is the establisher of this sect of the Nazarenes (Nazareth) Acts 24:5 – 19. (Read it in EDITION of before1999). Why do you “Protest?”

  2. How you can speak the word Nazareth from your mouth with no fear of The Almighty God, is such another proof of the Mercy of The Lord of Glory!

  3. :::::sigh::: May He who is Worthy of All Praise, Honor and Glory find faith when He returns. Brethren keep yourselves clean from the lies from Hell. Flee from these who defile themselves and others who with their ways born in Hell.

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