Bishops swear to obey the Pope as “Vicar of Christ”

The Pope invited the Anglican choir to sing at an event reaffirming papal authority and Catholic bishops’ unity with him.

An Cardinal bow before the Pope, and kiss the ring of the fisherman. He will live in submission to the Papacy.

After placing a woollen band around the shoulders of 44 new archbishops as they knelt before him, Pope Benedict XVI told them it was a reminder of their ties to heaven and earth and of their loyalty to Christ and the successor of Peter.

“You have been constituted in and for the great mystery of communion that is the Church, the spiritual edifice built upon Christ as the cornerstone, while in its earthly and historical dimension, it is built on the rock of Peter,” the Pope said during his homily on the feast of St Peter and Paul.

The Pope invited the Anglican choir to sing with the papal choir, bringing two distinctive choral styles together at an event reaffirming papal authority and Catholic bishops’ unity with him.

Anglican Fr John Hall, the dean of Westminster, said he hoped the historic visit would help the Church and the Anglican Communion progress along the “long and tortuous path toward full and visible unity”.

Source: The Catholic Herald

My comment:

The Petrine theology of the Vatican is full of deceptions.

Did the Apostle Peter demand to become the leader of the flock?

The answer is absolutely not.

Did Peter present the idea of Him becoming the leader of the World Church, with his seat in Rome?

The answer is absolutely not.

Did Peter think He could replace the Holy Spirit, as the sole infallible guide of the servants of the Messiah?

The answer is again, absolutely not.

It is absurd to claim that Peter wanted followers of Jesus to appoint a World leader.  It is absurd to think that the Holy Spirit can not instruct the Church, but through one leader in the pagan city of Rome.

Peter was not supreme, and was even rebuked by Paul as an hypocrite.  Peter was at his best a leader among equals.

Than who is the Pope?

He is the man of lawlessness, who have tried to prostitute Biblical Christianity by including pagan practices and ungodly doctrines.

His seat of power is explained in the book of Daniel.

The Bible explain about 10 Worldly kingdoms, that will appoint a king to rule the World.  This is the idea of the ideology of the Papacy. The very seat of an antichrist.

The Bishops in the Roman Catholic Church reaffirming papal authority and unity with the Pope. We are told that without submission to the Pope, there can be no true Christianity.  No proper Church.

That is and will forever be a pack of satanic lies.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “Bishops swear to obey the Pope as “Vicar of Christ”

    1. Why?
      Holy Spirit lives in us, right?
      Holy Spirit speaks for us? right?
      Pope is not as the “Mel-chis’e-dec”, as the head of the original very old 1st church? Hebrews 5:1 & Hebrews 5:6 & Hebrews 7:17-19?

      1. 2Samuel 16:13 And as David and his men went by the way, Shimei went along on the hill’s side over against him, and cursed as he went, and threw stones at him, and cast dust.
        I do hope that your own soul will turn and worship The Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late….for every contrary word you spew out of your mouth is ‘as cursing’ those who are of The Lord.

  1. When Yeshua turned to Peter and said Upon this rock I build my church..HE was talking about HIMSELF being the head of the Church. we all know that Yeshua is the ROCK of our Salvation, not people, not anyone but Yeshua Jesus..

    1. Dear mama bear

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      The Roman Catholic religion claim that the Pope is the head of “Christendom” on Earth, based on a claim of sucession of the authority given by “St. Peter”. This claim is based on both a facification of history, and frudlent use of the Word of God.

      The Jewish apostles “Peter” was not an englishman. His local name will correctly translated be Chepas or in Greek “Petrus”. The meaning of his name is “small stones”. Jesus spoke about a “Petra”, a huge cliff. This cliff is Him self, the Jewish Messiah, the Son of God. The only foundation of the Church.

      The claimed authority of the Pope is one the largest robberies in history. A pagan priest in Rome, trying to highjack and take over the control of the Church of Jesus. The bid has failed, and will forever fail. Because the gates of Hell shall not pervail over the true church.

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