Egypts president demands release of Islamic terrorist

New Islamic fascist President Mohamed Morsi demands release of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman from prison in the US.

The new Egyptian terrorist president demands the release of an Egyptian Islamic terrorist from prison in the US.

In 1993, Egyptian Muslim brother Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman tried to bring down Word Trade Center in New York.

Now, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt promises to secure his release from imprisonment in the US.

In a televised speech to tens of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square on Friday, President-elect Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood promised to work for the release of Rahman.

Source: Post Gazette

My comment:

Since the Hamas has had grand success with the kidnapping of one Israeli soldier, the Muslim Brotherhood should try the same.

If Cairo want to secure the release of one of their brutal murderers, they only need to kidnap a couple of American citizens.

Obama will understand. He came to Cairo in 2009 to hail the Egyptian Islamic “peacemakers”.

When a US citizen have been kidnapped, this act has only taken place to secure World peace. It is not good for “allah”, that the freedom fighters of Islam sits in prisons in America.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Egypts president demands release of Islamic terrorist

  1. Amazing how the ones who ‘cut off the heads’ of so many, can ‘demand’ any government to release their prisoners. And if they do, and/or have only proves that the whole group both sides are corrupt to the core!There are countless American men and women in many countries that are not released, some have had their heads cut off and hung before the public, some dragged thru the streets like a toy of a 2 year of baby’s blanket…yet ‘specific’ ones can be a tool to get what they want….both who participates in this evil will reap the vengeance of The Lord also! (of course less the get smart and repent also and genuinely call upon The Name of Jesus Christ ).

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