Catholics side with Islam to delegitimize Rachel tomb

Rachel lived thousands of years before Muhammad. Still Islam wants to world to make her tomb into a Mosque.

Both the PLO and the Pope represent evil. Both of them are totally disconnected from the truth about the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

The PA wants the Church of the Nativity to be the world’s 1st heritage site, and now they also say that nearby Rachel’s Tomb is a mosque.

She lived thousands of years before Mohammed, so they can’t claim her for Islam. But Catholics are backing them.

What is unknown to the World is that the Catholic institutions in Judea and Samaria are collaborating with the Muslims to destroy and deny the Jewish character of the sacred site. And the strategy has already proven to be very successful.

Last February, Unesco, which has accepted the Palestinian Authority as a state, claimed Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs are not exclusively Jewish sites, but “also belong to Christians and Muslims”. Writing in the Palestine Chronicle, the Chatolic Fadi Kattan denied “the Jewishness” and “the exclusiveness of Jewish access to Rachel’s tomb”.

In 1999 the late Pope gave a promise to follow Muhammad, kissing the Koran.

In a meeting with Catholic leaders that, in March 2010, Chief Islamic Judge, Tayseer Tamimi was present.

He called on Muslim and “Christian leaders” to take immediate action against Israel’s attempts to “Judaise” Jerusalem and “the Bilal ibn Rabah Mosque”.

Pax Christi, one of the most famous global Catholic organizations, in its website, repeatedly calls the Jewish site a “mosque”.

Then there is the Bethlehem University of the Holy Land, the only Vatican-run educational institution in  the area and whose founding can be traced back to the visit of Pope Paul VI in the holy land in 1964.

The Catholic University recently launched a project about the Rachel’s Tomb.

The document calls it “a historical religious site for followers of Christianity and Islam, a sacred site also for Jews, who today control all access to it, despite its location on Palestinian lands”.

The Vatican institution seems to ignore that all of Rachel’s Tomb belongs to Area C, which the Oslo Accords gave to Israeli jurisdiction.
The very title of the Catholic project, “Rachel:An Alien in her Hometown”, suggests that the tomb is a spot hijacked by the Israelis.

The tomb, the Catholic report says, “is also known by Muslims as the Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque”. According to the Vatican university, the Jews stole the past, the Jewish shrines are Arab treasures stolen by the Zionists, and the Jews are no more than invading colonizers.

Rachel’s tomb in the birth place of the Messiah, Bethlehem.

The last time I visited Rachel’s Tomb, two years ago, the Israeli contractor who worked at the security barrier showed me the Arab houses from where the Palestinian snipers shot at the Jews visiting the grave.

The 20th century of Joseph Goebbels has taught all of us that a lie starts as a small one, but if it is not corrected, it festers like a cancer destroying truth, justice and finally – people.

A lesson that the Catholics should have learn much better.

Now Rachel’s Tomb is like a bunker highly protected by walls, barbed wire, soldiers, cameras, corridors. Someone should also protect it from horrible lies.

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

What most Jews do not know, is that the Catholic Church is the center of an antichrist. The Catholic religion represent a perversion of the truth, a falsification of both Church history and the truth about the Messiah.

Since large sectors of the Protestant camp now have started to recognize the Vatican as a part of the Christian family, and least two disasters will take place:

1. The blessings from Heaven will cease to flow over the Church.
2. The Church will loose all credibility among Torah obeying Jews, and even secular Israelis.

Jesus him self was a Jew. His name in Hebrew is Yeshua. All who obey Him and receive the Holy Spirit, will forever recognize Rachel as the mother of Jewish tribes. They will also be willing to brand Islam as a false religion, and an Arab named Muhammad as a false prophet.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Catholics side with Islam to delegitimize Rachel tomb

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