100 nations recognized an Arab Palestinian state in 1988

Another unilateral declaration of independence won’t mean an Arab Palestinian Statehood.

Cardinal Roger Etchegaray lift up the hand of his favorite terrorists. Together they will fight the Zionist enemy.

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly seeking international support for issuing another unilateral declaration of independence (UDI). This would not be the first declaration of «independence» the Palestinians have issued.

In 1948, the Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini declared the independence of Palestine. In 1988, the Palestinian National Council issued a declaration of a state of Palestine. The Palestinians did not attain independence in 1948 or in 1988 and are unlikely to attain independence now if the PA goes ahead with another UDI.

Over 100 states recognized «Palestine» in 1988. However, it lacks some of the most essential elements of statehood including effective control over its territory. The EU and the U.S. have cautioned Abbas from prematurely issuing a UDI. And their support is crucial.

Source: The Guardian,UK. Letter to the editor by Victor Kattan.

My comment:

You can not declare a statehood of a state that do not exist. There is no other statehood that the state of Israel on Jewish soil.

The Arab Palestinian statehood is a Islamic fiction, a political ploy. The true motive behind the political rhetoric of a Islamic statehood in the district of Judea and Samaria, is the total destruction of the Jewish homeland.

From 1948 to 1967, Egypt was occupying Gaza. Syria had the control over the Golan Hights, and the kingdom of Jordan had annexed the so-called West Bank, and was occupying East Jerusalem.

When the PLO was formed in 1964, what land was the Islamic forced controlled by Yasser Arafat going to liberate?

Were the PLO formed to liberate land already controlled by the Arabs?

Its obvious for everyone that is above the age of seven, that the PLO was formed to achieve the final and total destruction of the state of Israel.

The Satanic inspired struggle goes on.

First published: 24th of November 2009

Written by Ivar

One thought on “100 nations recognized an Arab Palestinian state in 1988

  1. This picture is most apt. The Vatican and it’s priests are renowned for the utter cruelty it has shown to children in the convents and schools. Too many priests are renowned paedophiles, who have yet to be condemned.

    Too many in the Islamic world show contempt for its young. Yasser Arafat wa a known paedophile murderer, while Mohammed married a little girl, who had not even reached any form of puberty. Yes, many in the west, particularly the leftists adore,Arafat. The Romanian security service had film of him with young boys (his favourite pasttime, other than murdering Jews), and had been secured by the Israelis.
    Have you ever wondered why the French doctors in Ramallah are forbidden to explain Arafat’s death? Have you ever wondered how much money the PA has in order to pay an annual stipend of $16million to his widow Suha (a Christian chosen for political gain)? Her penalty for this grand sum is to remain on the isle of Malta and not to discuss her late husband’s death and illness.

    Funny old world isn’t it?

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