The Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Norway has no moral scruples helping Radical Islam to get stronger in the ongoing war on Israel.

The Norwegian minister for Foreign Affairs arriving on Utøya two days before the Neo-Nazi attack on the youth camp.

Patrick Seale is a commentator and author of several books on Middle East affairs, Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East; and Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.

He made an interview with Støre during this year’s Oslo forum, a leading international gathering of mediators, now in its tenth year. Among the participants was the Burmese Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.

The article in titled: “The Palestinians best friend”.

Here are some quote from Støre:

“The Palestinians had reached the threshold of a state in September 2011 when they made their bid for UN membership — only to be disappointed. Europe should have spoken with a clearer voice. What Israel is doing is against international law, and against its own interests. The two-state solution is fading away. We are today facing a very dangerous situation.

“The Palestinians are suffering a double tragedy — the tragedy of living under occupation, and the tragedy of being divided. In 2007, we decided to engage with the Palestinian national unity government. But the European Union made the mistake of deciding not to engage.
“We in Norway are prepared to talk to all Palestinian groups, including Hamas, even though we do not recognise its charter, which we find deeply disturbing. We are in favour of Palestinian national reconciliation.”

 – I asked him how he viewed the rise of Islamist movements across the Arab world:

“It would be the height of hypocrisy,” he replied,

“if we saluted the ballot box but refused its result. We must accept the results of the ballot box. But we must also hold accountable any majority which might emerge from elections. Any such majority must abide by international human rights standards.

“Countries like Egypt, which need to attract investment, must strive to be accountable and transparent. It is important to reduce the risk for investors. Who will invest in a country if there is a lack of transparency as well as a suspicion of corruption?”


My comment:

There is no difference in the ideology of Jonas Gahr Støre and the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam has to be recognized as a political force,  and the Western World has to work closely together with is Islamic allies.

Grand Mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem inspects the Muslims in the Nazi storm trooper brigade in Croatia.

This was also the views of Nazi-Germany. If Hitler was going to evict the British from Jerusalem and London, He needed t work closely with Islamic allies in the Middle East.

Foreign Minister Store with Hamas Prime Minister Haniya. They meet while Støre was leader of the Read Cross in Norway.

The Grand Mufti in Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of Hitler key allies. The Mufti took refuge in Berlin in 1941.

Together with Hitler the Mufti build a brigade of Islamic stormtrooper in Nazi-controlled Croatia.

The original plan was to educate the soldiers that was going to be sent to police the “liberated Jerusalem”, the moment General Rommel had terminated the British defense forced of al-Alamain in Northern Egypt.

That plan failed in November 1942.

It is a complete disgrace for Norway, to not remove a Foreign Minister who support pure Islamic evil against the Jewish homeland.

Norway it self was ruled by a puppet Nazi-regime from 1940 to 1945.

Half of the Jews in Norway were rounded up by the Norwegian government, and sent to the death camps in Nazi-Germany.

Jonas Gahr Støre represent all who wants the Norwegian policy towards the Jewish people to be continued.

Written by Ivar