Norway: We will support Muslim brotherhood and the Hamas

The Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Norway has no moral scruples helping Radical Islam to get stronger in the ongoing war on Israel.

The Norwegian minister for Foreign Affairs arriving on Utøya two days before the Neo-Nazi attack on the youth camp.

Patrick Seale is a commentator and author of several books on Middle East affairs, Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East; and Abu Nidal: A Gun for Hire.

He made an interview with Støre during this year’s Oslo forum, a leading international gathering of mediators, now in its tenth year. Among the participants was the Burmese Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.

The article in titled: “The Palestinians best friend”.

Here are some quote from Støre:

“The Palestinians had reached the threshold of a state in September 2011 when they made their bid for UN membership — only to be disappointed. Europe should have spoken with a clearer voice. What Israel is doing is against international law, and against its own interests. The two-state solution is fading away. We are today facing a very dangerous situation.

“The Palestinians are suffering a double tragedy — the tragedy of living under occupation, and the tragedy of being divided. In 2007, we decided to engage with the Palestinian national unity government. But the European Union made the mistake of deciding not to engage.
“We in Norway are prepared to talk to all Palestinian groups, including Hamas, even though we do not recognise its charter, which we find deeply disturbing. We are in favour of Palestinian national reconciliation.”

 – I asked him how he viewed the rise of Islamist movements across the Arab world:

“It would be the height of hypocrisy,” he replied,

“if we saluted the ballot box but refused its result. We must accept the results of the ballot box. But we must also hold accountable any majority which might emerge from elections. Any such majority must abide by international human rights standards.

“Countries like Egypt, which need to attract investment, must strive to be accountable and transparent. It is important to reduce the risk for investors. Who will invest in a country if there is a lack of transparency as well as a suspicion of corruption?”


My comment:

There is no difference in the ideology of Jonas Gahr Støre and the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam has to be recognized as a political force,  and the Western World has to work closely together with is Islamic allies.

Grand Mufti of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem inspects the Muslims in the Nazi storm trooper brigade in Croatia.

This was also the views of Nazi-Germany. If Hitler was going to evict the British from Jerusalem and London, He needed t work closely with Islamic allies in the Middle East.

Foreign Minister Store with Hamas Prime Minister Haniya. They meet while Støre was leader of the Read Cross in Norway.

The Grand Mufti in Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini was one of Hitler key allies. The Mufti took refuge in Berlin in 1941.

Together with Hitler the Mufti build a brigade of Islamic stormtrooper in Nazi-controlled Croatia.

The original plan was to educate the soldiers that was going to be sent to police the “liberated Jerusalem”, the moment General Rommel had terminated the British defense forced of al-Alamain in Northern Egypt.

That plan failed in November 1942.

It is a complete disgrace for Norway, to not remove a Foreign Minister who support pure Islamic evil against the Jewish homeland.

Norway it self was ruled by a puppet Nazi-regime from 1940 to 1945.

Half of the Jews in Norway were rounded up by the Norwegian government, and sent to the death camps in Nazi-Germany.

Jonas Gahr Støre represent all who wants the Norwegian policy towards the Jewish people to be continued.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “Norway: We will support Muslim brotherhood and the Hamas

  1. HAMAS is merely a consequence of European/Zionist aggression and ethnic cleansing true to the core of Zionism: Complete eradication of all Palestinians to make room for colonists from Russia, Europe and USA theirs and create an Armageddon Right Wing Christian fundamentalists have wet dreams over.
    What the Palestinians are doing is just self defense. Unless you mean that IDF soldiers shooting at kids are freedom fighters defending themselves from evil Palestinian kids who stands in the way of the Zionist Lebensraum and biblical bullshit from a sociopathic religion called Christianity.
    In your warped world view, Zionists who steal property and recources “defending” themselves against a “foreign” aggressor, and Palestinians terrorists who somehow have lived illegally on the land that rightfully belongs to Ashkenazim Jews from Kaukasus.
    Pointing this out makes RW Christians immediately turn to Godwin. This despite that fact that Nazism and anti-Semitism is all a RW Christian invention.
    If it wasn’t for the Christian persecution of all Jews through the centuries, we might not have had Holocaust.
    If not for Holocaust, there might not have been this quagmire in the ME that Christian Europeans and radical Zionist extremists and Socialists (whom initially supported the Zionist project) have created.
    It’s quite convenient that you willfully ignore the autrocities committed by Zionist terrorist organizations like Stern & Irgun (whom killed Dag Hammarskjøld, planted bombs at the British airport) and cleansed over 400 towns and villages creating 700 000 refugees they claim never existed (Al Nakba).

    Palestinian nationalism is bluntly a direct result of the Zionist project created by people who have never, even historically any right to take the land that others have cultured for centuries, making them angry refugees.

    I can also add that STERN tried to become allies with Hitler to rid themselves of the British mandate during the war. But you sir, don’t seem to bother with small details like that as long as you can demonize and dehumanize Palestinians, and Muslims I general.

    Got a comment on that?

    1. I sure do you are a liar and a nazipig, any debate with the likes of you is futile. The only thing that can help you is to taste your own “medicine”, Zyklon B, fuckin child killer.

      1. Dear David.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Filthy language is not permitted on this site. If I do not see any repentence, your next message will be spammed.

  2. Perhaps this flap brain might want to look at Martin Luther to place blame on for the Holocaust, it was a book Luther wrote called. “The Lies the Jews Tell.” Which Hitler had 100’s published and handed them out to his followers it was Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism which encouraged and sealed Hitler’s hatred for the Jews. Please watch where you direct your blame in the future. I am a member of Christian and Jews society. I as a Christian support the Jews/Israel completely.


  3. Støre says we have to talk to Hamas, not support their views. The USA tried to export democracy using bombs in both Afghanistan and Iraq. So far, not so good! Should we also try bombing Hamas members into changing their minds? Or just keep starving the Palestinians and blocking their trade routes and strictly limiting their possibility to move around? Will that make the young Palestinian men less angry? If so, when? Because the strategy has already been tried for years.

    1. Talking to Hamas is a futile project. They are Islamic terrorists, They will therefore never change their view about the eradication of Israel and killing jews, because their Koran justifies their atrocities. And lastly, How can Israel be occupiers of their own country ??? It was stolen from them by Islamic barbarians.

      1. In the meantime…..
        Drumpf has kissed the ring of the ultimate islamic terrorist… A rogue thug “king” from Saudi Arabia who was given 100 billion$ in arms…
        At the same time, all anti-muslims support every atrocity done by the Jewish extremists in the ethno-religious nationalist movement Zionism.
        ‘Because according to good Christians and Zionists find staunch support of killing and maiming anyone who happened to live on a piece of land when white Zionists from Russia and Europe showed up in both the Torah as well as the authority of a white Christian nation who has been leeching off practically every other country outside Europe the last 500 years and claimed natural authority to kill anyone at will who disagrees with their Anglo-centrist ideology.
        Zionists claim the authority of the Balfour Deceleration as well as bible lunacy to defend their mass killing of Palestinian kids.
        And the core value of Zionism is clean genocide of anyone who cannot trace their ancestry back to Moses and happen to have lived on land until some immigrants from Queens or Khazaria showed up.
        I bet you won’t be happy until you can feast on every Palestinian kid while claiming victimhood.

        You can take your racist ideology and shove it right up HAMAS’ arse….

  4. temper, temper gentlemen. the God of Israel foretold what would happen long ago. the Jewish people have carried a curse of persecution everywhere they have gone to cause them to long to return to Israel. now they have returned, and the devil has his panties all in a wad to get rid of them in order to thwart the Word of God. God is not confined to work as we think He should. rather, we should adjust our beliefs to suit Him. that is why He is God, brother.

  5. gahr store is not the whole of Norway! His labour party is now in opposition, and people in Norway is becoming more and more aware of the muslim threat, and we try to take away their benefits being here, but in a democracy it is hard to get action done, as our social welfare system is made for us all. We will see through the elections, and let us hope that gahr store and these people will never again be in charge.

  6. President Obama, America’s first Muslim named president, approves of Mr. Store. Norway gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.
    It is understandable that some in the Israeli government are not happy with President Obama like some Reformed Judaism folks and the “Hollywood liberal Jews” who give him millions of dollars.

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