Policemen die in Mexico City airport shootout

Three policemen have been killed in a shootout at Mexico City’s main airport, officials say.

The civil war in Mexico has now been started to hunt the airport in the capital.

The security ministry said the federal officers had been sent to detain suspects in a drug trafficking case.

Passengers dived for cover when the suspects opened fire, killing two officers immediately and injuring a third who later died in hospital.
The area was sealed off but flights were reported to be operating normally in and out of the airport.

Witnesses said the shooting happened in the food hall of Terminal 2.

“When the alleged perpetrators were surrounded by the police, shots were fired against the federal agents,” a security ministry statement said.

Police would not say if any arrests had been made. According to Milenio Television, witnesses heard around a dozen shots being fired.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

In January 2012, the Mexican Government reported that 47.515 people had lost their life in the war on drugs.  That is twice the number of deaths in the war in Afghanistan.

Who cares?

In Mexico, billions of dollars are made by the drug lords and the white colored financiers in cities like Houston and New York city

The Western media is not interested in covering the civil war in Mexico. Now the Global Media is focused on the task of giving Islamic Jihad one more nation.

With the help of the US and NATO, Syria will surely be forced onto submission to the plan of a final war on Zion.

Step by step. God of the Bible is getting the human race ready for its final destination of Judgment.  When Jesus the Messiah returns, He will judge the world. His judgment will be in accordance with the Bible. It will be fair and just.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

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