The US dominance in the Middle East is over

“American era of dominating the Middle East peace process is ending”.

Hillary Clinton still gives big smiles and bold statements. But Richard Haass expose that the show is about to end.

These are the words of Richard Haass. He is a former director of policy planning at the U.S. State Department.

Speaking on the possible effect that recent upheavals in the region could have on the peace process, Hass, said that the U.S. will no longer have such a big part in future diplomatic developments.

”The issues of Iran and Arab upheavals will dominate the Middle East agenda, and the peace process with Israel will be a less dominant aspect of U.S. Middle East policy,” Haass said

The former U.S. official added that the “American era of dominating the Middle East peace process is ending. More responsibility will fall on the shoulders of Israelis and Palestinians themselves.”

Referring to upcoming U.S. presidential elections, Haass said that what “happens in the Middle East, short of crisis with Iran, will have little to no impact on election.”

“Regardless of who wins in November, the U.S. is done with Iraq, and drawdown in Afghanistan will continue. The pace could depend on who is president,” he said, adding: “Domestic issues will dominate next presidency, no matter who wins, says Haass.”

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz

My comment:

The US President has already told the Congress, that the US defense forces in the future will be focused on tasks in the Pacific.

This makes sense for all generals and navy commanders. It was Japan who attacked the US in December 1941. Not Iran.

Today, it is China who challenge the US supremacy on the seven seas. Only China is capable of disrupting American foreign policy.

In regards to the Middle East, the US will be forced to enter into peace treaties with Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

The US tax payers can simply not keep on paying the bills of the Arabs and Persians.  The US official debates have crossed 14 trillion USD. If the costs of being the self-styled Global police is not cut dramatically, the US will simply go bankrupt.

The same rule that applies to the World, also applies to Washington. ” If you cant beat evil people, join them”. The US will eventually supply and support Islam, and make peace with the enemies of truth. The Global One World Government is emerging.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “The US dominance in the Middle East is over

  1. This has been my impression all along, that the American president has no intention of supporting Israel. Soon, all that Israel will have left is God. But then it can only make them more powerful with the help of God who loves them.

  2. ~>The Global One World Government is emerging.This has been my impression all along, that the American president has no intention of supporting Israel. Soon, all that Israel will have left is God.<~ (smile) What a huge sigh::: Christians can take at these two remarks! Not that we would rejoice in the death of the wicked, (for God of a truth has given and is giving them ample time to Repent.)
    These two statements on the factual World events emerging in place as well as the 'Truth the American President (I call Pharaoh by their fruit) has no intention of supporting Israel. Soon, all that Israel will have left is God …including Our Lord's immanent return is soon. To this I say 'to God be the Glory for what HE has done…and His faithfulness to Israel He has kept. Since He promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of His plans ! And HE reveals His plans to His own..even us who are called by His Name
    (of a truth when you have God, you have more than enough)..
    Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

  3. Naturally, now, the “peace process” must fall into the hands of the Tel Aviv gang and the sell-outs at the top of the Palestinian heap. The U.S. corporation no longer needs to be involved because the mid-east has been made safe for Is-ra-el to dominate. Haas should know; one of the ultimate insiders. The mid-East will become part of the EU at some point in the future. Those 3 trading blocks, talked about well over 100 years ago by Karl Heinrich Marx (or Mordechai Levi, or Hershcel Levi or Moses Levi Mordechai) must be established at any and all costs.
    Thanks for the chuckles I get from this website.

  4. What’s wrong with being at peace with Iraq, Iran ,and Afghanistan?
    I prefer peace with all nations. Is their something wrong with wanting to be at peace with everyone? Its far better than being the enemy of everyone. For the believer God has told us in his word that as much as it depends on you be at peace with everyone. If thats the admonishment to believers amongst themselves then it seems to me that that would be good for mankind. I know the reality of that happening is highly unlikely but it is what mankind should strive for.
    I live in a community that is multi cultural and I prefer to be at peace with everyone. It works for me!

    1. I agree it is good to be at peace with all as much as it is possible for us to do…We are also told to beware of the false prophets ..of which is pushing the ‘Unity of all Religions & Faiths’ for ‘a peaceful end’ for all (smile) ..A major Red Flag !!

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