Massmurder of Jewish children in Israel on decline

40.000 Israeli babies are killed every year in the mothers womb. Two million Jewish children terminated since 1948.

Abortion is killing of innocent children. In Israel and anywere else.

The number of legal abortions performed in Israel dropped by 19 percent in recent years, according to statistics published by the Health Ministry.

Since its rebirth as a nation state nearly 63 years ago, an average of 40,000 Israeli babies have been lost to abortion every year. That’s well over two million unborn children terminated. With numbers like those, it’s very clear that Israel has a major abortion problem.

It doesn’t help that legal abortions are so easily approved in Israel that they have become a standard form of birth control.

So, any drop in the rate of legal abortions is seen as almost a miracle, an unprecedented counter-trend that we can only pray continues.

Two organizations are working hard to make sure the numbers continue to fall.

The pro-life organization Efrat caters primarily to the Orthodox Jewish community, but has been reaching out to Israelis in all walks of life. Be’ad Chaim, a Messianic-run organization, typically reaches a broader cross-section of Israeli society with centers across the country.

Both Efrat and Be’ad Chaim are dedicated to educating young women in unexpected pregnancies on how to handle an unplanned child. Both organizations strongly believe that financial concerns are the number one reason behind abortions, and so they focus a lot of effort on providing financial support to needy pregnant women.

Education regarding the development of the unborn children is also a major point, as both Efrat and Be’ad Chaim are Bible-believing organizations that ultimately view abortion as murder of the unborn.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today

My comment:

The high level of abortions in Israel is a taboo among Christian Zionists and Evangelical supporters of the Jewish state.

Many false preaches and false prophets do elevate Israel up to the level of an idol. They do not want “missionaries” to challenge Jews with the gospel about Heaven or Hell, and surely not criticize Israel in public.

Neither Israel nor the Jewish people at large, do not have a righteousness of their own, that will save them on the day of judgment.

Only by the blood of the Lamb of God, Israel can be saved. The gospel about salvation in Y’shua only, is the same for both Jews and Gentiles.

I told a Jew a couple of days ago. “Sitting here and blowing Marihuana into the air, is not going to blow the Hizb”Allah away”.

Neither will the high rate of abortions go unpunished on the day of Judgment, if this is not repented for.

The Marihuana smoking Jew told me: “Israel is fu.. up. Only God can save Israel”. I agreed with Him, and said: Only Jesus can save Israel. Tomorrow this Jew might pick up a New Testament in Hebrew.

First published February 10th, 2011.

Written by Ivar

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