India offers 10 USD billion aid to the eurozone

India on Tuesday committed to extend a USD 10 billion lifeline to help ailing Eurozone countries grappling with a sovereign debt crisis.

Sonia Gandhi is a born Catholic from Italy. Now she and PM Manmohan Singh gives Europe some financial aid.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced India’s contribution to the International Monetary Fund’s $456 billion bailout corpus at the G-20 summit at the Mexican resort of Los Cabos.

India’s commitment is part of the BRICS funding estimated to be around $75 billion, out of which China’s contribution will be USD 43 billion. Like India, Brazil and Russia pledged USD10 billion each, while South Africa offered $2 billion.

Source: The Times of India

My comment:

It must be a great feeling for all Indians, that India finally offers the helpless Europeans some financial aid.

For hundreds of years, the colonial European powers burned, crippled and killed Indians, in a bid to control this nation who accounts for 1,2 billion souls.

The Kingdom of Portugal and Spain were in union during their onslaught on India. This kingdom represented one of the colonial powers who committed most crimes against humanity in India.

The worst part of the Roman Catholic onslaught on India took place from 1498 to around 1520. Their criminal activities  kept hundreds of millions of people in India away from the living God, Jesus of Nazareth. The Indians could simply not phantom that such evil could represent the Messiah who walked in Israel 2.000 years ago.

The Portuguese attacked and burned almost all ancient Jewish settlements on the west coast of India. On their onslaught on Goa in November 1510, they massacred more than 6.000 people within three days. From 1560 to 1812, more than 16.000 people are arrested, and condemned during the Inquisition of Goa. In the hundreds, Jews, Hindus, and Thomas Christians were burnt at stake.

Indians who refused to accept Catholics from Portugal as Christians were right. Such criminals had absolutely nothing to do with Biblical Christianity. They were all filled with the spirit of antichrist.

If Europe ever is going to pay back what they destroyed or stole in India up to its independence in 1947, the bill would be in tens of trillions USD.

It is my prayer, that the Nation of India will understand the difference between the antichrists among us, and a Jew called Yeshua. That the Indians will be given a chance to repent, and be baptized. May they be found in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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