Lie No. 6: Plans to build 1,600 more homes in East Jerusalem prove Israel is «Judaizing» the Holy City.

Ramat Shlomo was not about Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem but about a long established, heavily populated Jewish neighborhood in northern Jerusalem.

This is a place where 250,000 Jews live . This area is about the size of Newark in New Jersey in the United  States. This is an area that will never be relinquished by Israel.

My comment:

There are 70.000 Jewish graves in East Jerusalem, the majority of them on the Mount of Olives.

From where did they come?

If the World force Israel to give up East Jerusalem, this part of the city will be lead back under Islamic occupation. When the east part of city was under such occupation from 1948 to 1967, the soldiers from the Kingdom of Jordan destroyed all the Jewish synagogues.

Saturday: Wake up call

Do not give Islam a new chance. Let Jerusalem stay united as the capital of Israel.

Source: Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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