Satan gets ready to read the mark on your hand

The marks of the blood in your palms can be your ID. Soon there will be a “mark” available to put on your right hand or forehead.

Satan wants to control you. Do not give him access to your life.

Long before “face unlock” on Android 4.0, Fujitsu developed an even more intimate method for secure user identification–your blood flow.

PalmSecure is a technology that’s actually been around for a few years now in Japan, and in a number of business applications ranging from health care to banking, but not seen so much in consumer electronics in the U.S. It uses a biometric authentication system that reads your palm vein pattern.

No it reads your palm. Soon a mark will be needed as your ID.

Fujitsu reps here at CES tell me it works only on veins with an active blood flow, so put away your “Mission: Impossible” 3D printers and molds–this tech requires the real thing.

The palm-scanning technology has already been seen built in to mice and full-size keyboards, but Fujitsu says the tech has now shrunk to the point where it can easily be integrated into laptops and other devices.

Laptops with PalmSecure are now available in Japan, and the company is currently “looking at” North America. I won’t hold my breath, although if I did, it would make my veins even easier to read.


My comment

 Revelation 13:15-18
He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead,  so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name.

We shall all be forced to use a supreme technology.  We will carry our ID-papers on our right hand.  If we do not have this ID-papers, we will not get access to our electronic money.  We will not be able to by and sell.

The large majority of the people of the face of the Earth to not read the Bible. And if anyone use the Bible to warn, them they are not interested to listen. When the last and final antichrist arrives, He will be hailed and welcomed. Those who do not submit to this “wonderful global leader” will simply be arrested and executed as “traitors of World peace”.

Mind my words. If you side with the devil, even submit to his plans, you shall surely spend eternity with him in Hell.

Do not take this mark. Rather take the blows, and be executed for your fat in Jesus.

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “Satan gets ready to read the mark on your hand

  1. Very interesting and thank you for the factual information…I had never heard of the ‘ palm vein reading’…Question? It’s been assumed the ‘mark in the right hand would be on the back of the hand instead of the open palm…some have said it is not even the hand but the wrist that is (they) included as part of the palm…all seemed to lack validity with the scriptures…this one you speak of is relativly new to me that is…any other information regarding this and the forehead mark?

  2. It will be in the right hand or forehead, on the hand it will be placed in one of the small webs which lies between the fingers, once it has been place in the body, it will be impossible to remove the microchip is designed to actually become part of the body as it is designed to fuse with body tissue

  3. India has already begun to build the bio database for it’s citizens. People are already being programmed to use the scan cards. Some countries are already going cashless. It’s not hard to read the writing on the wall….

    1. Why the ”right-hand” ?? I know the scripture says the ‘right hand’…I assume the forehead in case they don’t have a right hand…just a thought…(smile)

  4. I’ve always wondered if the mark of the beast is the same thing as a chip in the hand in order to prevent identity theft and such. If, for instance, the world moves to a cashless society and then to a cardless society in order to prevent identity theft and loss of IDs and credit cards, etc, so they promote this chip in the hand as identity protection, isn’t this different than taking the “mark of the beast?” Do you see what I’m saying? Won’t we know when we are forced to take the mark in order to buy and sell that it is the mark of allegience to the antichrist and not just simply an identity fraud prevention system.

    1. At the time that it happens, the Word of God says that there will be suffering so great, which we will never see again- once it passes.

      I do believe we will know when the mark is about- because there are those who will refuse, and will die for it, knowing that they would rather die and be with Christ, then suffer for eternity for worshipping the devil.

      1. Only satan and his demons suffer eternally.. Humans will suffer the second death(of the soul) this is eternal seperation from The Creator..humans spirits dont burn in hell forever…when it says there torment goes up for ever and ever it means the sound of their second death screams

      2. Amen Gloria..Amen…however there’s a NEWS FLASH…Here we go Folks, “another Gospel” being written just for us….Wow…’Newly Written Bible says only Satan & his demons will suffer in Hell…hmmmm by author PutYhwh1st …HOG SPIT!
        I still believe in Galatians 1:6-9 will cover this error in believing…(smile) ..where do these people “come up” with this stuff??? Ohh Okay…there’s the answer …’comes up’…hell is down hmmm???

    2. I have a sister-in-law who when she was released from a small town hospital in North Carolina about 2004, a Nurse came in with the paper work for her release and with information, Rx the Dr and hospital sends people home with…this was not new to her, then the nurse told her ‘And this paper is for your witness and approval for the hospital for this procedure just before you leave today. It’s not painful just a little prick of the needle. She asked what was it for? She’d never had that asked before..the Nurse told her, Oh it’s just to make sure your medical records will always be safe and we can know immediately what you need instead of going thru all the past records in case you are not awake this also helps too. She ‘read it’ and then told the Nurse, No I do not want that…after several suggestions to take it..the Nurse said it’s only a little tiny chip we put in the hand, thru a needle too small for you to even see. My sister-in-law being a Christian ‘aware’ of the Scriptures warning..told the nurse..I said NO!! I do not accept it…Never!! the Nurse was quite upset seeing many had already agreed to it, and to hear an adamant reply with Scriptures telling her Never to take it no matter what..needless to say, the family was surprised it had even been offered…yet!! So it’s out there in many forms…for many excuses…

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