Pope Paul VI gave the blessings, radical Arabs needed to form the PLO.

Pope Paul IV supported the “Palestinian refugees” bid to get back their Palestine in 1974

The Pope had the following statement ready for the 25th anniversary of the Pontifical Mission for Palestine in June 1974.  Written on the website of the Papal Mission to the Middle East.

“One of the clearest signs of the Holy See’s concern for the welfare of the Palestinians, who are particularly dear to us because they are the people of the Holy Land, because they include followers of Christ and because they have been and still are being so tragically tried.”

He expressed again:

“our heartfelt sharing in their sufferings and our support for their legitimate aspirations.”

Many people teach wrong, when they accuse the United Nations to be the organization behind the idea of a “Palestinian refugee problem” in the Middle East.

A hero both in the USA and in the Catholic World.

UNRWA  (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was formed 8th of December 1949. Six months before, on 18th of June 1949, the Vatican formed its own mission to help “Palestinian refugees”. It was named: “Pontifical mission Palestine”.

Following the death of Pope John XXIII in June of 1963, Giovanni Battista Montini was elected pope. He took the name Paul VI.

The original PLO Charter was issued on 28 May 1964

The Vatican mission to “Palestine” began in February of 1949, when an armistice came into effect. Pope Pius XII continued to demonstrate his concern for the plight of the “Palestinian people” and the status of the Holy Places. In his encyclical letter Redemptoris nostri cruciatus of 15 April 1949 he said

“piteous appeals still reach us from numerous refugees, of every age and condition, who have been forced by the disastrous war to emigrate and even live in exile in concentration camps, the prey to destitution, contagious disease and perils of every sort.”

In April 1949, Pope Pius summoned to Rome Monsignor Thomas J. McMahon, the National Secretary of Catholic Near East Welfare Association. The pope informed him of his intention to organize a special mission for Palestine and named him its president.

Source: Pontifical mission Palestine

My comment:

Pope Pius XII was not only Hitlers pope. He also worked hard to avoid that The White House gave the Jews from the Holocaust permission to enter into “Palestine” after World War II.

On the top of this, the Vatican managed to support the Islamic nations that wanted to create a “Palestine refugee problem”, after their 1948 bid to destroy the state of Israel had failed.

The existence of this Papal office was news to me, till i came across the news that the same “Pontifical mission Palestine” is involved in ROACO, the 83rd “Reunion of Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches” this week. ROACO will all be represented at the up coming Roman Catholic Bishops conference, or synod, in the Middle East in October.

Not surprisingly, the Catholic News Agency (CNA) did not mention Israel by name in their coverage of the ROACO conference. Because the Papal view is that there should not have been a modern day Jewish homecoming to their own land in the Middle East.

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Written by Ivar